1920’s Style Comes Roaring Back!

Carey Mulligan gets glitzy-glam in The Great Gatsby!



The 1920’s was a revolutionary decade for women’s fashion. For the first time in history, women could express their style with bobbed haircuts, bold makeup, and short dresses.

Now, thanks to The Great Gatsby, 1920’s style is roaring back!
Want to transform yourself into Carey Mulligan’s Daisy character?
Learn how! Read our tips and watch a fun video tutorial for a 1920’s inspired look!



Want to try out a short, 1920’s bob but don’t want to cut your hair?

You can still try out this look with a faux bob!

Modern Salon recently shared how to do it. Just follow these easy steps!

How to style a faux bob:

Step 1: Create a side part. Part the hair into three sections, one in the back and two side sections, using your side part as a guide. Starting from the back, smooth hair with a flat iron.

Step 2: Direct ends inward.

Step 3: Continue to smooth with the flat iron until all three sections are complete.

Step 4: Smooth any flyaways with a smoothing foundation for hair.

Step 5: Lift the back section and spray a strong control hairspray underneath.

Step 6: Tease the bottom layer towards the scalp and cover the remaining hair on top.

Step 7: Roll the back section up and inward at the nape. Pin to create a faux bob. Repeat on sides if necessary.

Step 8: Shape the fringe into a smooth wave on the right side of the face. Secure with a hair clip and spray with a strong hairspray. Let sit for 10 minutes or until set and remove the clip.

Step 9: Add accessories for extra ’20s flair.

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