4 Signs You Should Be A Cosmetologist

You might not believe in destiny or fate, but there are some things that are just meant to be. Celebrities are destined to give their children questionable names, mayonnaise and ketchup were destined to meet and become the greatest dipping sauce ever, and perhaps you were destined to be a Cosmetologist.

You might be toying with the idea of attending Beauty School, with the aim of a becoming a Cosmetologist in the future, but you aren’t quite sure if it is the decision for you. Well, there are a few signs to look for, that will let you know that the universe is telling you to be a cosmetologist. They include:

You Were the Best Barbie Stylist Around

You haven’t just been styling for a few months, you have been taking the curlers, scissors and mascara wand to anything possible from a fairly young age. Perhaps you gave your Barbie every braid there is, or cut and styled the hair of your dolls, much to your mother’s frustration. Maybe your younger sibling was your often unwilling guinea pig for you to practice your makeup and manicures, or you followed your grandmother on her weekly trip to the hair salon. If hair and beauty were a major part of your formative years, it is a pretty big sign that Cosmetology where your future lies.

It is time to take the leap from styling Barbie, to working on real clients and to see how great it feels when you client can tell you how much they love their new look. Get in touch with Ogle School right now, and continue on the journey you started with craft scissors and a Tiny Tears Doll at 8 years old.

You Experiment with Color, So Much Color!

Once your younger siblings had finally rebelled against being your guinea pig, you still could not give up your experiments with hair and beauty. You become your own guinea pig, dying your hair at home, every color you can think of, destroying towels and staining bathtubs. The resultant groundings and curfews were tough, but it didn’t stop you from trying that next hair color, or from trying out cool new styles of bangs, cutting them yourself with unsuitable scissors in poor lighting. It always turned out looking great to you.


You’re A Beauty Mastermind

Beauty is your business — you know absolutely everything there is not a beauty tutorial on YouTube that you haven’t seen, and you try each and everyone on yourself. You could contour your own face to Kardashian standard in the dark, and can literally create the perfect smokey eye, with your eyes closed. Your makeup kit is threatening to take over your room, but there is not a single piece that you could go without. People don’t understand why you need 10 different eyebrow brushes, and an endless supply of beauty blenders, but you don’t understand how anyone could get by with less. Channel that beauty obsession into something amazing, and become a cosmetologist.

You’re Everyone’s Go To Guy or Girl

Speaking of your hair and beauty skills, there isn’t a person you know, that hasn’t utilized your talents at one point or another. When a friend or loved one wants to look their best —be it for a big date, interview, or just because— you’re the one they come to. They know that you have the skills and expertise to give them a look that they will love, and that you have the products and tools that can make it happen. You know every new beauty and hair trend, and are happy to have the chance to practice these trends on anyone who will let you. Both you and your ‘client’ are winners; they feel beautiful, and you get that warm and fuzzy feeling, deep inside, when you know you have made someone happy.


You could have this feeling all day, everyday, if you become a cosmetologist. Let’s face it all the signs are there. You have the passion and the talent, enrolling in Beauty School is surely the logical choice for you.

About the Author

Jeff Chiarelli
Jeff Chiarelli is the Head of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include leading Ogle School's marketing and branding strategy to amplify Ogle School's passion for helping create future beauty professionals in the communities Ogle School serves.