5 Hacks for Quick but Effective Skincare

quick and clever skincare tips
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Some people seem blessed with beautiful skin, but for many, it’s something that doesn’t come easily. Products that claim to help can often be very expensive, and DIY options may feel like they take hours that you just don’t have. However, before you go spending hundreds of dollars and hours on skin care, you should try out these quick, effective, and cost-effective skin care options.

1. Use Some Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey are two things that you probably already have in your kitchen, and they work great as a one-two punch for your skin. First, cut a lemon in half. Squeeze the juice onto a cotton ball, and then rub it over your face. Let the lemon dry. Then, follow it up by putting some honey on your fingertips and rubbing it over your face. Let the honey sit for about 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

The lemon acts as an astringent, which removes excessive oiliness. However, using lemon can lead to dry and irritated skin. That’s why you use the honey afterward to restore that all-important moisture.

2. Keep Face Wipes by Your Bed

After a long day, nobody wants to go to the bathroom and spend 15 minutes removing makeup and washing their face. For those tired nights, keep a case of face wipes by your bed. You shouldn’t use them every night, because washing your face is much more cleansing and moisturizing than running a makeup wipe over it. However, it’s a great way to keep your face a little cleaner even during busy days.

3. Add an Extra Pillow

Did you know that, sometimes, excess fluid running to your face is the cause for skin puffiness? Think about it: when you hung upside down on the monkey bars as a kid, you usually had to deal with red, puffy skin for a few minutes. To fix that in your adult life, add an extra pillow at night to prop your head up a bit. Your morning skin should look less puffy and be easier to manage.

4. Do Foot Care Before Bed

Nobody likes having cracked heels and peeling skin around their feet, but most people don’t have half an hour to do a spa treatment on their soles. Instead, take some coconut oil and a few drops of a skin-safe essential oil, mix them together, and then apply them to your feet before bedtime. Put on some old socks that you don’t mind potentially staining, and then go to bed. In the morning, your feet will have soaked in that moisturizer for hours.

5. Alternate Steam and Cold Water

If you want a spa-like treatment at home, temper a steam bath with some cold water. First, run a hot bath. Make sure it’s not so hot that you’ll burn yourself, but warm enough that you can feel the effects. Close the bathroom door and make sure the fan is off, if possible. Then, soak in the bath for between 10 minutes and half an hour. Once you’re done, wash your face, and then soak a hand towel in ice-cold water and apply it to your face. Apply some moisturizer, and you’re done.

The reason this works is because of the different ways that steam and cold water affect your skin. Steam is a great way to open up your pores, while cold water is a good way to close them and tighten your face. This way, you open your pores so the face wash works better, and then close them to bring everything back together.


fast and easy DIY skincare
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Skin care isn’t as difficult as some people make it out to be. If you’re willing to change a few things about your general routine, you’ll be able to implement skin care every day without adding undue stress to your daily life. The effects can be staggering.

If you find that these quick skin care tips make you more interested in the world of skin care science, you may want to turn that interest into a career. The esthetics program at Ogle School allows you to learn more about the science behind both makeup and general skin care, setting you up perfectly for a job in the industry.

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