The 7 Wedding Day Deadly Sins

  1. Missing beauty sleep

Lack of rest can lead to puffy eyes and dark circles. Say “yes to the dress” early instead of lying awake at night fretting over your choice. Many brides are so excited the night before their big day, they forget the most important beauty component: rest!


  1. Forgetting to drink water

In addition to a good night’s sleep, proper hydration is key. Lack of hydration can cause dry skin, and no bride wants to be flaky on her big day! Sleeping and drinking plenty of water are easy beauty tips that are frequently overlooked. Ask your maid of honor to help you relax, sleep and drink plenty of water in the final exciting days leading up to the most important day of your life.


  1. Too much booze before the wedding

While wedding festivities should be a celebration, nobody wants a wedding day hangover. Although it is tempting to overindulge at the rehearsal dinner – refrain – save your brain for the big day. You want your “I do” to be loud and proud, not slurred and blurred.

Drinks before wedding

  1. Excess time in the sun

Too much sun exposure can lead to discomfort during the ceremony and honeymoon. It can also lead to skin disease and wrinkles. Spray tan instead, and get the glow without the risk. Practice spray tanning several weeks ahead to prevent the dreaded orange Oompa Loompa syndrome! If you do decide to hit the pool or the beach beforehand, make sure you pile on the sunscreen.

excess time in sun

  1. Overdoing it with makeup

Natural beauty is the goal. Less is more! Use enough makeup to accent your beauty for the camera, the audience and your new groom without over emphasizing and taking away from your natural glow. Waterproof makeup is strongly encouraged to avoid streaking mascara on this emotional day.

wedding day makeup

  1. Not planning enough prep time

Plan your hairstyle with your stylist well in advance and avoid rushing around and over-processing your hair. The same goes for makeup. Practice your wedding day makeup with your makeup artist. Consult your beauty team a minimum of four weeks in advance. Also, don’t neglect your nails! Take care of them in advance with regular manicures and pedicures. In the event of a nail disaster, a quick, mini manicure and pedicure on the day of will be an easy fix for the bride. Your wedding day is not the time to try out new products. Use makeup that you know works well with your skin and won’t cause an allergic reaction.


Emergency kits: keep a small can of hairspray in your emergency bag as well as concealer, mineral-based powder, lip gloss and the newest Sebastian product “Dry Clean Only, Instant refreshing spray – dry shampoo.” Don’t forget the tissues! Tuck one where you can get it, and remember to bring eye drops.

  1. Forgetting to groom the groom

Although the bride is the center of attention, it’s important not to neglect the groom’s needs. Moisturizer, sunscreen and eye drops will keep him looking and feeling good on this important day in his life. Outdoor weddings in warm climates may require that the groom and other wedding party members apply neutral face powder for those important, pre-ceremony pictures and formal after-wedding photographs. A few products that will help your man feel his best are American Crew Pomade or American Crew Accelerator, American Crew Shaving Gel and American Crew Aftershave. Many grooms also enjoy manicures and pedicures as much as the bride!

Groomsmen Shaving

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