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Beauty How To: Ombre Lips

There are so many great makeup trends — I have to say I think glitter lips look fabulous, but they are not really suitable for the everyday look. So, it is great news that there is a more wearable lip trend, that has just as much impact…it is the ombre lip.

I like to believe that given some time and the right tools, even the most novice makeup artist can create the latest trends. So, I have tried out creating my own ombre lips and created a little tutorial, so you can try it too.

Step 1: Get The Base Right

If you have a lip scrub, give you lips a quick scrub to get off the dead and loose skin. If you don’t have a scrub, you can make your own in a few moments, by mixing a granulated sugar, with honey or olive oil. Make sure all the residue of your lips scrub is cleaned away, and cover your lips with either a lip primer, or some concealers and a little powder. This will stop the lip color from bleeding, as well as helping it to last longer.

Ombre Lips - Get the Base Right

Step 2: Line The Lips

Line your lips carefully with your darker lip liner, and create a thicker line in the corners of both lips, so it can be blended with your lighter lip color. Build the color up further into the center of the lips, to give an exaggerated dark edge to the outer edges of the lips.

Ombre Lips - Line the Lips

Step 3: Fill The Lips

Choose a lip color lighter than your liner, fill the middle of your lips. If you use a lip brush to apply, you can blend the color effortlessly with the liner. Be careful not to apply too much lip product, as any excess is only going to end up in one place — your teeth!

Ombre Lips - Fill the Lips

Step 4: Highlight

For a final finishing touch, dab a small amount of powder highlighter at the center of each lips to accentuate the ombre effect, and you are done. Pretty simple right?

Ombre Lips - Highlight

I went quite subtle with the ombre look, but you can go for a lot more impact by choosing colors that are further apart in tones, such as a fuschia pink liner, blending into a tangerine, or a dark brown liner blending into a soft nude or peachy pink. Experiment with different colors and see what you think works best for you.

If you aren’t that confident in your makeup skills (I know mine are not great), and want some statement ombre lips for a special occasion, pop into your local salon and speak to a makeup artist. If you happen to be in the Dallas area, why not pop into the Ogle School Salon and let one of our talented cosmetology students, give you ombre lips that will be knock out.

If you really want to improve your beauty skills, why not consider enrolling in cosmetology school yourself, You might awaken a whole new passion.

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