Beauty Treatments That Aren’t Great For Sensitive Skin

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There are several factors that can contribute to sensitive skin such as the immunogenic inflammatory response, the neurogenic inflammatory response and the more common breakdown of the lipid barrier function. It is important that any client with sensitive skin is trusting a skin-care professional that has a good understanding of the causes in order to ensure proper treatment.

For instance, an acne facial. There are several sensitive skin clients that battle acne. A common ingredient in acne facials is benzoyl peroxide. It is very drying to the skin, which impairs the lipid barrier. A good ingredient to utilize for a client that is sensitive and is suffering from acne is salicylic acid due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and lipophilic nature. Skin care professionals should take caution with sensitive skin when performing any advance treatments due to its complexity and inflammatory response.

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