Best Facial Products To Make Dull Skin Glow

Best skin products

  • Dermalogica has several product combinations that help achieve a glowing skin. My favorite products include Multivitamin Thermofoliant, Total Eye Care SPF 15 and Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 by Dermalogica.
  • Multivitamin Thermofoliant is an excellent skin polisher that helps even tone and texture. As it polishes, it releases vitamins into the skin giving it a boost of luminosity.
  • Total Eye Care SPF 15 helps protect the delicate skin under the eyes and reflects light. In doing so, it helps reduce dark circles and keeps eyes looking fresh.
  • Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 is hands down one of the best products for glowing, dewy, luminous skin. It is packed with many ingredients that help perfect your skin. It protects against UV rays, contains peptides to add firmness, silicones to smooth away wrinkles and minerals that offer a fresh, glowing, even tone. Skin Perfect Primer can standalone or serve as a primer to make up, giving a beautiful finish.

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