Lazy Girl Nail Hacks

Lazy Girl Nail Hacks

Posted on - Monday November 2, 2015

Getting a manicure can be fun, but sometimes we just don’t have the funds — or the time — for it. And sometimes, we’re a bit too lazy to even …

Zombie Beauty Tips

Zombie Beauty Tips

Posted on - Monday October 19, 2015

Are you tired of not being invited to parties because you’re “a rotted, blood-soaked legion of the undead”? Sick of going on date after date, only to have none of …

Beauty Products That Changed The World

Posted on - Monday August 17, 2015

The average beauty routine is pretty … well, routine. We cleanse our skin, apply makeup, do our hair, spritz on perfume and we’re out the door. Not much to really …

The Most Memorable Vintage TV Hairstyles

How To Get That Vintage Star Look

Posted on - Thursday July 30, 2015

Vintage TV programs are fun to watch … but they can also serve a useful purpose as a source of beauty inspiration! The next time you’re watching old late-night sitcoms, …

First Ladies of Style

Posted on - Friday June 26, 2015

From Martha Washington to Michelle Obama, the woman in the White House serving as First Lady has always been a source of interest, focus and inspiration for the American public. …

Product Free Beauty Fixes

Posted on - Thursday June 25, 2015

If you’re suffering from any one of a number of unsightly but common skin issues — such as acne, wrinkles, rosacea or others — your first line of attack is …

amazing beauty hacks

Get Gorgeous Now: Six Amazing Beauty Hacks

Posted on - Wednesday April 2, 2014

It’s no surprise that beauty has fast grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the decades. As most women know, the range of hair products, skin potions, and cosmetics available at …

Quinceañera: Tips for the Other Big Day

Posted on - Tuesday July 30, 2013

For modern American women, meaningful rites of passage are few and far between—their wedding days often represent the only formal ceremonies they’ll ever experience. For some young women, though, the …

Bridal Beauty Texas Style

Posted on - Wednesday July 24, 2013

Every bride wants to look like a million bucks when it’s time to say “I do,” and with approximately two million weddings taking place every year in the United States, …