Cool Crops For Cooler Weather

Although summer is traditionally considered the season for cutting off one’s hair—who doesn’t love an easy, breezy crop when the weather is hot?—winter is a great time to try out a short style as well. The sheer unexpectedness of a daring cut in the cold weather, plus the drama of sleek, shorter hair set off by scarves, turtlenecks, fur-collar coats, and other seasonal gear, makes this a perfect time to consider going against the grain with a cool crop.

Curious to know what short styles are currently hot for the cold months? We’ll take a look at some of the coolest options!

The Classic Pixie


A classic pixie will never go out of style. Just look at how it’s held up over the decades—from Mia Farrow’s ‘60s version, to Winona Ryder’s ‘90s grunge ideal, to Michelle Williams’s current timeless look.

The pixie is perfect for cold weather as it is a simple but festive style point for everything from woolen hats to the most elaborate holiday dresses. Let your layered clothing take center stage, and don’t worry that your hood will mess up your hairdo!

Worried you’ll dislike the cut once it’s, well, too late to do anything about it? Do keep in mind that it will take a while for your hair to grow back (most women’s hair grows an average of ½ inch per month). Stylists suggest tricks such as experimenting with color/highlights to help ease through the in-between stages, which can be awkward to your eyes.

And, if you do love the look? Great, but just remember: You will also need to get frequent trims to maintain its sharp edge.

Not Quite Ready For A Pixie?

Some women prefer a softer or less extreme look but still want to try the excitement of a major change. There are plenty of short cuts that will give you plenty of visual drama without going “all the way.”

  • Look for inspiration from celebs who are growing out their pixie cuts. Stars such as Julianne Hough and Jennifer Lawrence are sporting unexpectedly beautiful, fringe-y “mid-stage” growth which you can duplicate as a starting point.

Beautiful young woman with straight short hair isolated on white background

  • Or, try an angled crop. Length in the front (think Kaley Cuoco’s cut) is less stark than a full-on short cut.
  • Still afraid? Try a “lob” which is a longer bob, just above the shoulders. Miranda Lambert recently did this, incorporating side-swept bangs, and it looks great!

Now that you’ve made the cut—or, at least made the decision to try it out—how about some fun ideas to enhance your wintertime crop? 

Sparkle, Shine, and Glow

The holiday season is full of color and glitter. Short hair is a perfect template for ornamentation and tinting that would either get lost in or simply not work for longer locks.

Go dramatic with jeweled or glittery hair accessories for special occasions. Since your hair is short, these pieces will really stand out!

Consider trying the following:

  • Roll a few pin curls with your fingers (no need to be perfect), and instead of using plain bobby pins, jazz them up with adorned pins.
  • Slip on a dramatic headband or bandeau…bows, tulle, gems, whatever catches your fancy.

dramatic headpiece

  • A retro fascinator can add flair to your party outfits. Basically, a fascinator is a headpiece made with netting, feathers, or flowers—not quite a hat, but larger than a hairclip. They are a common adornment for brides seeking a vintage look but are currently hot outside of wedding magazines as well! Kate Middleton arguably has brought the trend back, and you can try it too.


  • You can go more dramatic with your overall color with short hair. Longer hair might be damaged by an extreme color change, but you don’t have to fret with your short, strong, strands. Now is the time to try platinum blond, fire red, or any other shade you’ve been debating.
  • Temporary color in bright, vivid hues (feel free to try some that don’t exist in nature!) are a natural fit with short hair. Tip the ends with your favorite shade, and if you love the look, don’t be afraid to go permanent!

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