Curtain Bangs: Things You Should Consider

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Woman getting curtain bangs

Curtain Bangs: Things You Should Consider

Woman getting bangs

Hair bangs can be hit or miss. We’ve all seen the popular memes during lockdown warning us to put the scissors down because we don’t need bangs no matter how bored we may be. While it’s highly recommended that you always consult with a professional beautician when it comes to creating bangs, it doesn’t mean you should rule this hairstyle out completely.

Bangs can be a fun and attractive option when it comes to framing your face. If you love the style but hate the idea of cutting your hair too much, curtain bangs may be the ideal option for you.

What Are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs get their name from their long, sweeping appearance. They were first made popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s by actresses including Goldie Hawn, Farrah Fawcett and Brigette Bardot. The bangs are typically parted down the middle and swept to each side, creating the ideal frame for your face and eyes the same way a curtain frames a window.

Woman getting curtain bangs

What You Should Know Before You Commit to Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can be a great option when you want a new look without cutting a lot of hair. Here are three of the reasons you should consider curtain bangs.

Easy To Maintain

Curtain bangs are the perfect option for low-maintenance individuals who dislike an enduring daily hairstyling routine. The look is already textured and cut into shape, and when it grows out, it makes it even easier to style, unlike other bangs that either need to be styled differently or cut again to avoid that awkward in-between stage. 

While it’s fine to let your curtain bangs grow out between trims, maintaining them once every five to six weeks will help them keep their shape. The best part is the trim will not take long to complete, usually 15 minutes at the most. Just remember to always go back to the same stylist to get the same great cut every time.

Bring Out Your Best Features

When you want to get a cut that frames your face, curtain bangs are the way to go. These bangs are designed to suit any face shape and will instantly bring out your best features. They offer a fun way to change up your look with minimal commitment. They create the ideal style for people with broader faces and give the face more of a diamond shape. However, they are suitable for all face types. Just keep in mind that bangs will emphasize roundness, so they are usually not recommended for people with round faces.

Style Your Hair Perfectly in Just Five Minutes

It doesn’t take long to style your curtain bangs and achieve a beautiful appearance. After a quick shampoo, you can skip the conditioner and hair dryer and allow your hair to air dry. Then simply brush your hair forward over your face and side to side as it dries. Brush repeatedly to ensure you get the hairline correct and achieve the ideal bouncy curtain bangs.

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