Dry, Brittle…but hey I am Blonde!

going blonde

What a colossal waste of time and money! We have all said it. There is nothing worse than shelling out two week’s worth of grocery money on a bad dye job (see picture above) yet we still continue to try and try again in our all consuming quest to be blonde. It is possible that the real reason they say blondes have more fun is because they don’t have to spend time and money dying their hair blonde!

Now, in a perfect world we would be content with the hair color nature intended us to have but we aren’t. For a lot of people, men and women, the allure of going blonde is just too much to say no to. Not sure why exactly but it is an undisputable societal truth from which we cannot escape so here are two things you should know before you begin your quest:


Yes, even though science has improved upon the days of pouring Javex on your head the products used today still contain bleaching agents. Bleach weakens your hair! After the chemicals in bleach strip your hair of its natural color it weakens your hair. Now, bleach alone will not give you the lovely split end frizzy doo that we all have seen but because your hair is weaker its integrity begins to fail and break apart with the repeated use of hairdryers or crimpers or rollers or whatever other hair torture device lurks in your bathroom. Possibly the worst part of damaging your hair with bleach is that unhealthy hair eventually looks DULL! Ironically that is the one thing that I assume we were trying to avoid in the first place!


We have all seen some horrific dye jobs in our day. Orange, Canary yellow, banana colored are a few that come to mind. It is an exact science to get that exact beachy blonde color and sometimes they just flat out get it wrong and you have a choice; live with the shiny eyesore on the top of your head or spend more time and more money trying to fix it and doing more damage to your hair in the process.


I already said that the allure to be blonde is a powerful one so I have some advice to help you minimize the negative effects that going blond has on your hair. Let’s start with the coloring process:

  1. Be sure to only dye your hair as much as it absolutely needs to be dyed. That extra little application process or time will do extra damage to your hair.
  2. Go in with healthy hair! The stronger and healthier hair you have before going blonde the less punishment your hair will take.
  3. After it is done and you are at your beachy best consider taking extra good care of your hair for a while, leave in conditioners and deep conditioning treatments will go a long way to keeping you far away from that frizzy doo.
  4. Give your hair a nice spa day by slathering olive oil and avocado on it every couple of weeks and let it sit for a bit, preferably not when company is coming over.

Now on to the shade:

  1. Get your hair lightened on a weekend, that way if they mess it up you have a time buffer to get it fixed.
  2. More blond is not always more better
  3. Go to an experienced and knowledgeable stylist! DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF!
  4. Go with recommendations from friends, if you have no friends fine a lady (or man) with lovely blonde locks and ask them where they get their hair done.

Now that you are blonde get out there and test the theory about them having more fun, you never

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Jeff Chiarelli
Jeff Chiarelli is the Head of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include leading Ogle School's marketing and branding strategy to amplify Ogle School's passion for helping create future beauty professionals in the communities Ogle School serves.