Dry Shampoo

Posted on - Thursday July 10, 2014


Dry Shampoo

DYI concoctions work well but there is no need to rummage through you cupboards when you can just ask your stylist. My favorite dry shampoo is Blow Pro Faux Dry. Cornstarch is the main ingredient, which helps absorb oils and neutralize bad odors. The scentless powder will not contradict your other hair products or perfumes. It is applied like a spray with a unique pump top that shoots out a puff of powder to the area you need. Other powder products have to be sprinkled when applied. There are also aerosol dry shampoos but they contain alcohol, which benefits by drying out sweat or accumulated oil. However, alcohol will also dry the hair. So all in all the Blow Pro Faux pump is perfect for application.

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