How to Easily Incorporate Ethically Sourced Beauty Products

In a world with a massive amount of demand, there’s an incredibly large amount of supply being created to meet consumers’ needs. This is true of nearly all industries, but especially the beauty industry. Beauty products are used daily by all kinds of people across the globe, meaning that what kinds of products are needed are constantly changing.

For the beauty industry to keep up with what people want from their products, they need to find ways to quickly create, test and ship their products. Because it’s a business, this often means going with the cheapest method over more ethical options. Beauty companies fill their products with chemicals and test them on animals before throwing them in a box for shipment to stores.

This process doesn’t always meet the needs of consumers like companies believe. Some people have their skin react badly to the chemicals in their makeup, or they feel uncomfortable using products tested on animals. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking into using ethically sourced beauty products, there are easy ways to start doing this in your everyday life. Just think about what products you’d like to change and start looking into your options.


For Your Face

Sadly, even if you buy a product that says “hypoallergenic” or “natural” on the label, you might not be getting what you think you are. The rules that set the standard for what should be in the products that have those labels on them aren’t legally well defined, so a product that isn’t all natural could be labeled as such.

That’s why you need to do your research before you go to the store. For beauty products you can use on your face, there’s actually plenty of options for you to try to find the right makeup for you. Websites exist that rate make up brands based off what they make their products with and how they test them. See if your favorite brand is on one of these lists and if not, start trying the approved brands to find a new makeup product that you’ll fall in love with.

For Your Hair

The beauty world has an intense following of people who love to try products and talk about them with other beauty lovers. That’s why there’s so many blogs and video channels you can follow that give reviews of products and tutorials on how to use them.

Hair products are another thing you can think about changing. Take a look at your current shampoo or conditioner bottle and see how many of the ingredients you can pronounce. To be confident that you know exactly what you’re washing into your hair, read up on reviews written by people who make ethical beauty products their life focus.


Finding better products for your hair isn’t the only way you can weed out unethical beauty companies from your life. Think about how you style your hair too. Hair extensions are used by many people for many different reasons, but those too can be made with unethical standards. Next time you want extensions to put in, look around for virgin extensions from a good company. They’ll ensure that you aren’t clipping harmful chemicals into your hair so you can look good and feel good at the same time.

For Your Skin

Lotions and perfumes are used to better your skin and make you smell great, but they’re often made with the same chemicals that you try to avoid in other beauty products. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to find better skin care products. Websites review and list them by rating, so you can opt for a product that’s a 19 out of 20 rather than an 11 out of 20.

ethical-beauty-products-hand cream


It can often feel like trying to do things like eat better foods and use more ethical products is impossible, since they aren’t as easily as accessible as what’s put on the shelves. However, anything is possible if you put your mind to it! Do your research to figure out what brands you’d like to try that support your lifestyle. Then keep your mind open as you try new products. You’ll eventually find stuff you love that makes you feel better about using them in the long term.


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