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Easy Coachella-inspired Festival Makeup Tips

Coachella is now a distant memory, and if you weren’t partying in Indio, California, you were probably Insta-dulging (indulging on Instagram) yourself in the festivities flooding social media. Coachella is one of the more well-known music festivals on the scene and, traditionally, everything from makeup to style to music is colorful, extravagant, and boho-inspired. While everyone is familiar with this particular festival, Coachella is certainly not the only one worth dressing up for. Other festivals on my radar right now include: Afropunk, JMBLYA, Bonnaroo, and SXSW. Summer is just around the corner, so outdoor concerts and festivals will be on the rise! I was so obsessed and inspired by so many of the makeup looks this year, so I recreated my own festival-inspired makeup look. This is the perfect time to try a look of your own —here are some simple tips to get you started:

1. Glitter-lined Brows & Dusted Cheeks

The more glitter, the merrier! Go wild with the glitter and get creative. It’s a great way to stand out amongst the crowd of music-goers and you’ll achieve a more boho-glam makeup look. Two popular areas to place glitter on the face is just under the eyebrows and along the cheekbones. For my look, I lined under my eyebrows for subtle hint of glitter using Urban Decay’s Heavy Metals Glitter Liner. Try using a color that stands out from the rest of your look, but still complements the colors of your eyeshadow.

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2. Bold & Vibrant Eyeshadow

Neutral festival makeup looks are gorgeous, but even the most neutral ones have some pop of vibrant color to make the looks stand out. Play with one color or five —it’s totally up to you! Feel free to create an entire eyeshadow look with bold colors or choose a small area of the eye to add one super pigmented eyeshadow to. My favorite area to place bold colors with my neutral looks is along the lower lash line either with eyeshadow or eyeliner. I used a matte hot pink from my Morphe 35C palette.

Highlighting the inner corners of your look can give your look a little extra glam with a bold color shadow or a metallic glitter shadow like gold, silver, or rose gold.

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3. Tribal-inspired and Artistic Markings

Dots, lines, and other geometric shapes are the most popular markings for festival makeup looks. You can also try other fun bohemian shapes and art such as crescent moons. The easiest way to create this part of your look is with an eyeliner pencil. I used an iridescent white liner pencil from Sephora Collection for my look to create cascading dots in the middle of my forehead and above my outer eyebrow. It’s as simple as drawing, but try planning your look on paper first with a pen or regular pencil so you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve and do not ruin your makeup look.

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I also used a very light shade of liquid lipstick for the center of my lip look. I recommend using a light tan if you have a deeper skin tone like me for a more subtle contrast; if you’re lighter, try going with a pure white.

Find Jaleesa Charisse’s full festival-inspired makeup tutorial on our YouTube channel!

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