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Fall 2016 Beauty Trends Preview

Fall 2016 is shaping up to be a great season for all things beauty. As we patiently await all the new releases and holiday collections, fall is the time to sit back, sip on pumpkin-spiced drinks and rock the dark looks you’ve been craving to sport all year. Fall beauty previews are already making their way across the Internet, so keep reading to see the top three fall beauty trends you have to try this season.

Fall Beauty Trends Glitter Liner

Glitter: Lovers of the 2000s rejoice; glitter is back and bigger than ever. While the love for glitter has been rekindled since its appearance in the 2000s, we’ll find that the application has become much more refined. Fall fashion previews have showcased some pretty intense glitter looks — some even using sequins as glitter — so expect more toned-down versions of similar looks when you hit the street. Take a cue from the Fashion Week trendsetters and start experimenting with glitter on your eyes, brows and cheeks. To make the runway look more wearable, I packed a glittery shadow right beneath my lower lash line. I picked something metallic and full of glitter so it would contrast nicely with the smokey look on the top of the lid.

Fall Beauty Trends Dark Lips

Dark Lips: Though fall has always been known for deep reds and berry colors, we anticipate diving even deeper into the color spectrum this fall. Expect many looks to feature deep plums and nearly black shades. If you don’t feel bold enough to try deep, vampy shades, consider an ombre application. In the picture above, I lined my lips with a black lip liner and blended it inwards to a blue-toned silver to create a dark gradient look. This fall is a great time to experiment with colors that are normally outside your comfort zone, so try experimenting with blues, greens and deep purples.

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Fall Beauty Trends Smudged Liner

Dramatic Smudgy Liner: The era of chunky black liner is back, baby! Many designers who previewed their fall 2016 collections included dramatic eye looks that featured copious amounts of smudged-out black liner. This is an excellent trend for everyone from novices to beauty experts because the look relies on imperfect application. So grab your favorite kohl eyeliner and smudge your heart out. To get the perfectly imperfect smudged look, be sure to use a creamy eyeliner pencil because that will be the most likely to give you a smooth and blendable consistency. Stay away from liquid liners and eyeliners that are made to be waterproof. Both will dry fast and aren’t likely to blend very well.

Fall Beauty Trends Blue Shadow

Blue Eyeshadow: With roots in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the blue eyeshadow trend is creating bold fall looks across runways. Blue eyeshadow can easily overpower any look, so if you plan on pulling off this trend, be sure to not go too far over the top. To keep your look polished, make sure your eye look isn’t competing with anything. By keeping your lips and the rest of your face neutral, you draw attention to the eyes without overwhelming your whole face. If you’re worried about the blue being too strong, consider working your way up and starting from darker navy blues. In my look above, I combined a deep blue with an orange to create a beautiful gradient. If you’re adventurous and are looking to wear brighter shades but are afraid of your look being too loud, try to keep your usage of glitter to a minimum.


What fall trends are you looking forward to this season?


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