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Best party hairstyles to try
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When you’re going to a party, you want to make sure every piece of the puzzle is perfect. That includes your makeup, your outfit, and of course, your hair. But there are plenty of different types of parties, and each of them mandates a different style. How do you make sure your hair is the right style for your specific party? With this guide, you’ll know exactly how to create the party style of your dreams.

A Wild College Party

If you’re looking for something that can stand up to the house party your friends are throwing, there’s nothing that beats a simple teased hairdo. This hairdo gives you a kind of punk rock vibe that really shines when you’re with your friends. Gently curl your hair, then backcomb it, focusing mostly on your scalp. You want a gentle tease, so don’t go overboard — you’ll want to go over each section only a few times. Set it with a hairspray.

A Night Out Clubbing

Clubbing requires a special hairstyle that gives you maximum movement without compromising on style. That’s where corkscrew curls come in. It’s a pretty labor-intensive hairstyle, but what’s the point of a night at the club if you don’t look your best? Take a small curling iron and curl your hair, making sure to focus on small, individual curls. Make a deep side part, then comb through them with your fingers for a slightly messy look.

A Holiday Party

Holiday parties are a very special type of party. Most commonly, this includes Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, though you can definitely have parties for other holidays. An amazing option here is a simple beachy wave style held in place with some simple and elegant barrettes. Create beachy waves across your head with your preferred style. Make a side part and hold the smaller side in place with some simple barrettes, placing them toward the back of your head.

A Cocktail Party

In general, cocktail parties are a little more upscale. Once you have your perfect little black dress, how do you accessorize in your hairstyle? Look no further than a curled half-updo. For this one, you’re going to want to properly curl your hair using either rollers or a large curling iron. Then pull your hair into a half-updo, using a ponytail holder the same color as your hair. Although the curls should hide the band, you can wind a strand of hair around it if you want to really camouflage it.

An Elegant Affair

Very elegant parties work much differently from any other type of party because you really need to bring your best to the forefront. Although you might be tempted to focus on an extremely intricate hairstyle, consider going the opposite direction. A chignon bun lets your outfit and makeup glow while being gorgeous in its own right. You can even dress it up a little with an updo aspect or a side part that will make you look practically Oscar-ready.

Prom and a Post-Prom Gathering

Prom is itself an incredible party, but if your friends are planning to have a post-prom party, you need something a little different. It’s important that you have a hairstyle that looks elegant but will stand up to many hours of fun. An updo with a twist can definitely do that for you. Consider creating a braided crown updo, which relies on a loose braid across the top of your head to add a bit of your personal style to the look.


Professional party hairstyles
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Even though each type of party utilizes a different style, that doesn’t mean you have to figure things out on your own. It’s easy to create the right style for the party you’ll be attending. But of course, if you need a truly elegant style you don’t think you can do on your own, you can always seek help from a professional. Whether it’s a wedding or just a very high-profile party, you can always find the perfect style if you visit an Ogle School salon. Leave your style in capable hands when you visit these student stylists.

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