Going Nuts For Coconut Oil


Ever wish there was a magic ingredient in your beauty arsenal that could take the place of all your products, in a pinch? No one item can do the job of every cosmetic, but there is one product that comes pretty close! As a bonus, it’s all natural, affordable, and you may actually have it in your kitchen right now.

It’s coconut oil! Surprised? The tropical fruit is easily the beauty buzzword for 2014. Everyone from beauty bloggers to bona fide celebs such as Madonna and Rihanna is raving about coconut’s many and varied health and glamour benefits.

Now is the time to try it out for yourself: Nothing smells more like summer than a sweet whiff of coconut, and as you’ll see, it has a tremendous repertoire of uses. Get ready to ditch your potions, lotions, and makeup bag…and try a beauty regime built on the foundation of coconut oil.

Let’s explore some ways you can put coconut oil to work for you!

Coconut Oil For Skin and Dermatology Uses


All you have to do is rub a dab of coconut oil on your skin to feel the instant moisturizing effect of coconut oil. It’s one of nature’s best skin softeners–so, if you are inclined, go ahead and use it as an all-over body moisturizer.

If you’d like to get a little more granular, there are many recipes for specific areas of the body. You can mix coconut oil with other ingredients, such as salt or sugar and additional varieties of oils, to create a customized face mask or body scrub.

coconut cut in half

Some users claim that coconut oil even is helpful for treating warts and moles—and that using an application of it nightly over time can remove them.

Additionally, coconut oil and your skin create a natural match due to the antibacterial properties present in the oil. These properties are a result of the oil’s medium-chain fatty acids, which serve as powerful protectants against pathogens. Given this, try the following:

  • A good rubdown with the oil will serve as a natural deodorant—perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Use it to soothe and treat minor cuts and scrapes
  • Try the oil to treat and manage eczema


Still more skin uses: If you’re pregnant, coconut oil can be massaged into your growing belly to avoid stretch marks. You can also use it as a post-nursing balm that won’t harm your baby.

Speaking of babies: Coconut oil is gentle on your baby or toddler’s skin. Use it to moisturize Junior after a bath, or to remove stubborn cradle cap on your infant.

Coconut Oil For Cosmetic Uses


Aside from serving as an invaluable primer for your skin—and therefore the entire canvas for your beauty—coconut oil has a lot of specifically cosmetic uses. Perhaps even enough to (almost) replace your makeup kit!


Start off with your manicure and pedicure. A dab of coconut oil rubbed into nails will strengthen them, while the same on your cuticles will soften them.

Out of eye cream? No problem. A little coconut oil placed gently around your eyes will help smooth wrinkles and hydrate the delicate skin in that area.

Amp up your blusher—or skip it entirely—by using coconut oil as a cheekbone highlighter. Just apply along the bone to achieve a fuller, brighter effect to your face. If using along with blush, apply the makeup first, then dab oil on top.


Rub a little on your eyelashes for a lovely, natural glossy mascara effect—and as a bonus, the oil will condition your lashes and make them grow.

Coconut oil works wonderfully all by itself as a natural lip gloss, with the benefits of hydrating chapped or dry lips. It tastes great, too!

When you are ready to clean off your day’s makeup, try using the oil as a gentle remover. Warm up a small amount in your hands (or rub between your fingers), then massage over your face and wipe clean.

Coconut Oil In The Shower Or Bath


Before you step into your steamy stall or tub, be sure to bring some coconut oil along with you for a myriad of bathing uses.

If you’ve been reading this far, you’re probably not surprised to learn that ultra-softening coconut oil makes a great natural conditioner. In addition to moisturizing your tresses, it can also help treat and prevent split ends. Apply a small amount (about the size of a quarter) to your hair, massage evenly through, cover with a shower cap, and then rinse out after about an hour.

If you’ve got a case of the flyaways or frizzies, a dab of coconut oil can tackle these common hair woes, leaving you with smooth silky hair.


Try the oil as a detangler for your own hair—or for your tender-headed children.

Getting ready for the beach? Before slipping on your bathing suit, you can shave your legs, bikini area, and armpits using coconut oil as a shaving lotion.


Men: This works great on your face, too—tackle your beard with coconut oil for a baby-smooth shave. As a bonus, the oil combined with the razor makes for a brilliant exfoliation and healthy complexion! Just be sure to rinse your razor often to avoid buildup on the blades.


Finally, don’t skip your toothbrush. You can even use coconut oil on your teeth! Either make a homemade toothpaste by mixing it with baking soda and/or peppermint oil, or simply swish the oil around your mouth for several minutes (don’t swallow!). The latter is an ancient practice called “oil pulling,” practiced for years in India and Asia and thought to detoxify the mouth. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil will freshen your breath and improve oral health.

Now that you know there’s nothing “nutty” about the fact that coconut oil can be used for, well, just about everything in your health and beauty repertoire—what’s stopping you from stocking your cabinet? The best thing about coconut oil is its economical price—in the $10-15 range for a large jar that will procure many uses. Check your local grocery or health food store.

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