Hair and Makeup Trends for Spring

Winter is finally over…how many months are in that season? It felt like it lasted forever, probably because it directly follows the come down from Christmas. Plus, for many of us, it has been absolutely freezing, perpetually grey, and gloomy. Well finally, it is over, and we can now start looking forward to Spring.

With Spring comes a rise in sunshine, more energy, and the best thing of all…new hair and makeup trends to try. Taking cues from the 2017 catwalks we’ve picked some of our favorite hair and makeup trends for the coming season. Keep a look out for the odd beauty tip, too.

Glitter Lips

The matte lip is so 2016, when it comes to lips this year they can’t be shiny enough, in fact they should be glittering. With the brilliant Pat McGrath’s beauty line helping to drive the charge of the glitter lip movement, with it appearing all over the runways. DKNY were a knock out with their deep red glitter lips; Fendi also were a romantic with a rose gold glitter on the lips; Maison Margiela, went for something a little bolder with icy blue glitter on the lips and in the corner of the eyes.

It is quite an easy look to great, especially if you can get your hands on one of Pat McGrath’s lip kits. If not, use a thick lip gloss, and mix in a loose glitter eyeshadow, before applying to the lips. Add more glitter to build up the coverage, depending on how saturated you want the glitter to be.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

Thanks to the likes of the stunning Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, hair that goes on for days has been popular with celebrities for a while, But, for Spring 2017, it finally has catwalk approval with Rapunzel locks appearing in the runway shows for Prada and Proenza Schouler.

long hair

To help with the growth of your lusciously long, invest in a good quality growth booster and a nourishing hair mask,for healthier thicker hair, that is less prone to breakage. Additionally, make regular trips to your hairdresser for dry dusting, which is the dry trimming of any frayed edges. This prevents split ends from spreading for longer, healthier hair. If growing long hair is a little beyond your reach, try out some clip in hair extensions — you can have hair for days, any day you feel like.

Dewy Radiant Skin

Glowing, dewy, and natural skin is set to be a big beauty trend once again for spring 2017. A barely there base was used on the models for Michael Kors and Isabel Marant, with makeup only used to cover blemishes; at Marni, Vera Wang, and Band of Outsiders skin was simply evened out; and Saint Laurent went for healthy radiance.


To get this youthful and glowing skin, use a light BB cream or tinted moisturiser as a skin base. Add strobes of a highlighter across the forehead and cheekbones, blending well, and finish with a small amount of rosy blusher on the cheeks.

Embellished Nails

Flashy and embellished nails were very popular on the spring 2017 catwalks, and they are way more interesting than the standard French manicure. At Jeremy Scott, geometric shapes were created on the nails by dipping in different shapes and dropping onto the nail. At Balenciaga, gems were stuck onto long peachy nails in a random fashion for a fun arts and crafts vibe. The Blonds gave their models chrome nails, embellished with sequins and crystals for a disco ball effect. And Rodarte gave us a really interesting twist on the trend, with glitter cuticles.


Take a look in your local craft shop, to find some interesting gems and embellishments to bling up some acrylic nails, for a very reasonable price.

The Sleek Side Part

Big hair is out, and sleek hair is in, so in. A popular emerging hair trend is the sleek side parting, which was seen on the models for Givenchy, Kenzo, Prada and Dries Van Norton. Either styled in a belt tied ponytail or poker straight, the sleek side parting is super chic and has a cool androgynous edge. To create a sleek side parting at home use a tailed comb to get a sharp parting and smooth the hair down on either side with a small amount of wet look gel. Easy.

Other hair and makeup trends to try out in spring 2017 include: smudged eyeliner, just kissed lips and bold lipsticks, statement blush, all kinds of plaits and braids, and shaggy and blunt bob haircuts. Which trends are making you extra excited for spring? All of them? Us, too.

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