How to Add Some Color to Your Makeup Palette

How to Add Some Color to Your Makeup Palette

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The everyday makeup look can be a little boring for some people. After all, while a neutral smokey eye and rosy beige lipstick can make for a great workday look, it can be kind of boring if that’s the only thing you ever step out in. However, if you’re thinking about introducing some color into your makeup routine, you may be a little unsure exactly how to do it. To get the most bang for your buck, do it slowly, so you become comfortable with the concept of injecting some color into your palette. Here are some great options for starting down that route.

Start with One Color

You don’t need to jump straight into the deep end. Instead, start with a color that you want to get comfortable wearing, and then slowly start introducing it into your look. You can build on that one color for the next few weeks, and then move onto another color or start expanding the different looks you can create with the color you’ve chosen.

Use Colorful Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a huge boon when it comes to adding color to your look. Many brightly colored eyeliners are available on the market, which means you have plenty of options to consider. Try something a bit darker, such as a deep purple or blue, if you’re trying to stay on the down-low, or go crazy with a bright red or yellow if you want to make a statement. You can also make your own eyeliner with colored eye shadow if you want.

Coordinate, Don’t Match

You don’t always want your makeup to be one color. Blue on blue on blue can get just as old as beige and brown. To fix this problem, use the color wheel to find a good mix of colors for all your makeup looks. Instead of matching your eye shadow to your outfits, use a color that works well with the outfit you’ve chosen to wear. Creating a makeup look with blue and purple, for example, may look more put-together than one with only blue.

Try Colored Mascara

Colored mascara looks extremely bright and intense in the bottle, but it makes for a subtle pop of color. Usually, the color isn’t obvious until you’re up close, which means that it seems like your makeup is normal until you take a second look. That’s great when you don’t want to draw undue attention, but you still want to spice things up.

Spring for a Two-toned Lipstick

Two-toned lipsticks are one of the newest crazes to hit the makeup world. With a two-toned lipstick, you essentially get a lip color and lip liner in one, giving you a nice ombre look without having to spend 20 minutes blending different colors together. Pick up one that combines a bright color with a softer color, and you’ll be able to take your first step into eye-catching lipstick.

Experiment with Nail Polish

If you’re uncertain about stepping into the brighter colors you see in some of these makeup tutorials, start very small with nail polish. There are literally endless ways to use nail polish; you can find polish with glitter, polish with bright colors, polish with deep colors, and even polishes that match with lipsticks and eye shadows. You can also turn to nail art and create either intricate or simple looks that are eye-catching enough to make a statement, but subtle enough to fly under the radar, which is perfect for anyone who’s not quite sure of what’s to come.


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Adding color to your makeup palette can be an incredible decision, especially if you switch things up regularly. Find a few sets of colors that you love and make them your go-to look, so you can switch from the boldest of blues to the lightest of pinks and still feel completely confident. If you’re not quite sure how to formulate the perfect makeup look, or you just want someone to walk you through the steps to creating it, consider booking an Ogle School salon appointment. With professional cosmetologists on site, you’ll be able to get a stylist’s angle on your skin tone, undertones, type, and more, all paired with high-quality supplies that’ll ensure the result is absolutely gorgeous.

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