How to Maintain Your Summer Glow Through the Winter

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Though you probably love having the sun-kissed glow of the summer, that tends to fade away as you move into the winter. You’re likely to stop spending as much time outside, and besides, shorter days and more clouds leave less time for the sun to approach your skin. How do you make sure you maintain that healthy-looking glow so you always look like you just came back from a Mediterranean vacation? These tips will help you through the cold winter.

Take Care of Your Skin

In general, you always want to make sure your skin’s health comes first and foremost. Even when you’re searching for that delicately sun-kissed glow, you never want to harm your skin. That includes tanning salons and tanning beds, which can do irreparable harm to your skin with even just one session. Don’t tan outside, either; UV rays can still penetrate clouds, so you should wear sunscreen even in the winter.

On a more proactive level, you should always make sure you’re exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. It’s one of the most basic ways to maintain your skin’s health. People will notice healthy skin much more than they’ll notice unhealthy but tanned skin. If you want to go even further, look into massage and spa treatments that can help your skin truly breathe in the winter months.

Maintain Your Diet

Your diet is an important part of your skin care routine. After all, your skin is your largest organ, and the nutrients you put into your body will help keep up that beautiful glow. Ensure you’re getting enough protein to maintain your skin’s strength, enough fat to create skin that will bounce back from any issues, and enough carbohydrates to give yourself lots of energy throughout the day.

You should also focus on nutrients, especially those you don’t often think about in other months. Vitamin D is a great example of this. For your body to make Vitamin D, you have to spend time in direct UV light. Sunscreen, while great for skin health, blocks those UV rays, leading to low Vitamin D levels in a startling number of people. Keep your nutrient levels high by adding supplements or eating foods known to be high in these vitamins and minerals.

Change Your Skin Care Products

You need different skin care in the winter versus the summer. In the winter, your skin needs much more moisturizing and exfoliating, whereas in the summer, your skin generally needs more protection from the elements. You should stock up on skin care products that work for you in the winter rather than trying to use all the same skin care products in the summer and the winter.

Many skin care products have a specific formula to help your skin through the winter. You can find plenty of recommendations for winter skin care products across the internet, some of which target moisturizing specifically and some of which target other general skin care concerns. Regardless of what you choose, just make sure you’re catering to your specific needs.

Consider a Spray Tan

If you want that beautiful glow you’d otherwise get from a tanning bed, why not try a spray tan? Though this might bring up images of bright orange, fake-looking skin, it’s actually an incredibly useful way to get the tanned look. Nowadays, spray tans look just as great as their “real” counterparts but provide a much less dangerous way to get the sun-kissed look.

You can get a spray tan at a salon or even try a self-tanner at home. If you’re planning on going the DIY route, make sure you try it yourself a few times before any big events or outings. It can take a few tries before you get really good at it, and you don’t want to have a mishap right before an important event.


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It’s actually not that difficult to get the sun-kissed look through the winter. You can maintain a summer glow year-round if you’re willing to put in just a little bit of work. Remember that taking care of your skin should always be your top priority — that summer glow will come to you more easily if you have extremely healthy skin. If you’re looking to learn how to take care of your skin better or you want a targeted treatment from the professionals, visit an Ogle School salon in your area for high-quality skin care options.

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