protecting hair from Texas winter

How To Protect Your Hair Effectively During the Texas Winter

strengthening hair against Texas winter
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Texas winters can be incredibly harsh, and the winters of the last few years have been even more so. If you want to make sure your hair looks gorgeous throughout the winter as well as the summer, there are a few things you can do. Here are five ways you can keep your hair super well-protected during the Texas winters.

1. Avoid Heat Styling if at All Possible

Heat styling sucks moisture out of your hair, and cold weather does the same thing. Both heat and cold can cause brittle and breakage-prone hair, which means that during the cold weather, you want to generally avoid the heat styling you might otherwise rely on. If you do heat style, try to lower the heat if possible and apply heat protection sprays. Additionally, you can take a few days every week to avoid heat styling at all, which can seriously protect the health of your hair.

2. Try a Leave-In Conditioner or Hair Mask

About once a week, you may want to try a leave-in conditioner in the shower or a deep conditioning hair mask. These will help you combat the loss of moisture that often comes along with the winter months, restoring moisture and gloss to your hair. Plus, you can get hair masks formulated for your specific type of hair, allowing you to pinpoint certain problems you may be having.

3. Add a Humidifier to Your Bedroom

One of the main problems that tend to come with hair concerns during the winter is the loss of moisture, a problem that many of the other steps even directly address. You can also help address this concern by adding a humidifier to your bedroom or living room, whatever rooms you stay in most frequently. This humidification will help you keep some of the ambient moisture around your hair, avoiding much of the negative impact of the cold weather.

4. Maintain UV Protection

Remember, even when it’s cold, the sun is still out—you just can’t see it. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to keep an eye on UV protection during the summertime. There are plenty of ways to keep your hair protected from UV rays – you may want to wear a hat, for example, or add a UV protection spray to your hair care routine. Either way, keeping your hair safe from UV rays will help you avoid breakage and general lack of quality when you style your hair.

5. Trim Your Hair Regularly

One of the most intense impacts associated with cold is the extra split ends and breakage that can come along with the cold weather. This will be more prominent if you do things like heat style and wash your hair with harsh shampoos, but it can happen to anyone. If you want to make sure you’re getting rid of these split ends, avoiding even more problems, you want to go to the salon about every four to six weeks to get rid of those ends. An Ogle School clinical salon can help you avoid the more long-term hair issues associated with split ends.


protecting hair from Texas winter
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The best way to keep your hair safe from the harsh winter will always be to just take care of it. During the winter, your best option is going to be to put all your effort into avoiding brittle hair from excess drying. Keeping moisture in your hair is always going to be your best option. If you feel like your hair is already unhealthy, you might want to stop by the Ogle School clinical salon to get a cut and some expert advice on taking care of your hair. That way, you’ll have a great starting point for managing your hair throughout the winter.

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