How Difficult Is It to Pass a Cosmetology Program?

Is It Actually Difficult to Pass a Cosmetology Program?

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As you start to look into your college options, one thing you’ll probably wonder about is the difficulty involved in passing a cosmetology program in your area. Different programs in college tend to require different amounts of effort, and it’s a good idea to be prepared for the difficulties you might experience in cosmetology. The thing is, there’s no one answer for how difficult a cosmetology program may be. These are a few of the factors to keep in mind.

The Teachers You Have

Your teachers will have a serious impact on how well you absorb the information you receive from your cosmetology program. That’s because even with the absolute best curriculum, you still need a teacher who will be able to address your questions and give you insight into the hands-on experience they have. Accreditation can help with this. A beauty school accredited by NACCAS, like Ogle School, maintains a certain level of academic standard you can trust.

The State You Live In

You won’t find any federal standards for beauty licensing, which means that every state instead sets its own requirements. Depending on the state in which you live, your cosmetology program may have a certain minimum number of hours, a certain requirement for course information, or no minimum requirements at all. Talk to a team member at the school you’re interested in to learn more about your state’s requirements for licensure and courses.

Any Specializations You Decide to Add

Do you hope to specialize in a specific area of cosmetology or esthetics? If you’re going to add additional specialization requirements on top of your existing education, you may find it more difficult to achieve the information you need for those specializations. Different specializations require different information, and you may or may not need to achieve licensing for those specializations. If you’re interested in specializations, make sure you get the information you need regarding those specializations.

Your Love of Cosmetology

Far and away, your love of cosmetology is the most important factor when trying to decide how difficult your cosmetology education will be. If you really love cosmetology and genuinely want to pursue it for good, you’re going to have an easier time going through your cosmetology education than you would if you weren’t wholly invested in the process. If you put work into your studies because you love the field of cosmetology, you’ll end up with an easier education overall.

How to Make Your Cosmetology Program Easier

So how can you make it easier for you to pass your cosmetology classes? The best way to make your cosmetology program easier is to make sure you do your research before you sign up. If you know you’re attending a high-quality cosmetology school, it’s more likely you’ll be able to make it through.

Remember that a love of cosmetology also goes a long way. Remember to keep yourself involved in the beauty world by staying up to date with tools like the Ogle School blog. That way, you can know what’s going on in the world of cosmetology, stay up to date on top trends, and make sure you’re maintaining the drive you need to succeed.


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Of course, there are many factors that go into the difficulty of a cosmetology course. Just like anything else surrounding cosmetology, you’ll have to talk to the school you’re interested in if you want to know more about what may await you throughout your cosmetology education. However, with a high-quality school like Ogle School, you can know you’re getting the best beauty education possible. Request more information from an Ogle School team member to learn more about your opportunities for beauty education today.

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