Mentorship and the Future of Hairdressing With Wella Professionals at Intercoiffure

Posted on - Tuesday December 17, 2019
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Hairdressing is an incredibly important part of beauty; without hairdressers, the beauty industry would be missing a vital part of its life force. But sometimes it seems as though individuals don’t fully grasp how important hairdressing is to the art of beauty. At the 2019 Intercoiffure Fall Atelier Gala, Ogle School helped shine a light on the importance of hairdressing and the way mentorship may shape that future through its partnership with Wella Professionals.

Art Alchemy: The Talent Team

Ogle School provided the young talented students for the talent team named Art Alchemy. These students were Emily Evans, a student at Ogle School Hair Skin Nails; Bryce Black, a student at Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology; Nikki Londene, a student at Hays Academy of Hair Design; and Briana Margarito, a recent graduate of Bellus Academy.

All of these individuals had an incredible amount of potential that these mentors knew they could unlock with the right personalized touch. And with their diverse backgrounds, coming from different schools and different areas of the country, they all had lots to offer. All they needed was a pair of mentors to coach them into it.

The Importance of Mentorship

Mentors allow young hairdressers to learn the tips and tricks of the trade in as little time as possible. But don’t think lowly of it — it’s not “cheating” or a “shortcut.” With proper mentorship, a more experienced hairdresser can help a less experienced hairdresser grow and change. That’s invaluable, and it helps move the industry even further.

Wella Professionals chose two mentors for the young hairdressers to learn more from. These two mentors were Diane Stevens, CEO and Artistic Director of Cole Stevens Salon in Washington, DC, and Michael Haase, owner of Salon Platinum Black in Los Angeles. With their incredible experience and success, these two knew they could coach Art Alchemy to its fullest.

The 2019 Intercoiffure Fall Atelier Gala

Over multiple months, this team got together, workshopping and brainstorming and designing to come up with the perfect display of hairdressing prowess. At the end of the day, they created the Connect and Communicate presentation and placed it on display for over 400 guests. Inspired by the four elements, this presentation amazed everyone, even the young professionals who helped to create it.

All the members of Art Alchemy agreed that this mentorship concept truly changed the way they approached hairdressing. With this display at the iconic 2019 Intercoiffure Fall Atelier Gala, every individual member of Art Alchemy was able to put their talents on display, showcasing their innate talent and the talents that the mentorship program instilled in them.

The Make Your Mark Campaign

As part of their Connect and Communicate presentation, Art Alchemy also embraced the Make Your Mark campaign from Beauty Changes Lives. This is an especially important campaign because it has a direct effect on hairdressers and on the greater beauty industry. It’s something Art Alchemy directly contributed to with its incredible display.

The Make Your Mark campaign from Beauty Changes Lives focuses on preconceptions of beauty careers and works to change those preconceptions. Hairdressers are anything but ordinary or useless; hairdressing is a great career that can provide you with the freedom you need to chase your dreams full-time. The members of Art Alchemy and the experts who mentored them showed with this presentation that hairdressing takes a lot of creativity, a lot of skill, and a lot of talent, but it pays off.

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The Ogle School and Wella Professionals partnership at the 2019 Intercoiffure Fall Atelier Gala was by all accounts a rousing success. The experts from Wella Professionals were able to contribute to the next generation of hairdressers, and the students from Ogle School were able to learn more about the industry from someone with years of experience in it. Of course, the 2019 Intercoiffure Fall Atelier Gala also benefited from these incredible projects. Through these students and the many others currently attending programs, Ogle School is a shining example of what a cosmetology degree can do for you.

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