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There are plenty of tutorials in the beauty world. These tutorials can teach you how to do everything, whether it’s your makeup basics or the most complicated costume makeup. But if you’re interested in doing one of these tutorials, it’s important that you know how to follow them. Although it might surprise you, following a tutorial is actually a skill you might not have right now. To make sure your tutorial goes well, make sure you follow these tips.

Read or Watch the Whole Tutorial First

Before you even start, it’s immensely important that you actually read or watch the entire tutorial. Don’t just skim the tutorial or look at the pictures. Actually read or watch the whole thing so you know every step. Plus, sometimes the tutorial will mention a product you wouldn’t otherwise know you need, and the last thing you want is to be surprised in the middle of following the tutorial.

Even if you think you know how to do the tutorial, don’t skip this step. You should know how you’re going to perform the tutorial before you even gather the products you need to go through with it. That way, you won’t get halfway through the tutorial and realize you’re missing a crucial item or step you’re not quite sure how to do.

Seek Out Supplementary Explanations

Sometimes a tutorial consists of multiple pieces and preexisting techniques. For example, an eyeliner tutorial may tell you to do a “cut crease.” This is an existing technique in the makeup world, but if you don’t know how to perform it, you’re going to feel lost. Plenty of makeup techniques build on other techniques, and it’s common to run across an instruction you don’t quite understand.

That’s where the internet’s immense wealth of knowledge comes in. When you run into a technique or phrase you don’t completely understand, just look it up. You’re sure to get a definition or another tutorial that thoroughly explains the concept you’re having a hard time with.

Collect All Your Materials

Now that you know everything about your chosen tutorial, collect the materials you’re going to use for the tutorial. Some tutorials list all of these materials at the beginning, like a sort of “ingredients list,” while some list them through the tutorial. When you read through the tutorial, make sure you note every item so you can collect them all at once.

Arrange each item within arm’s reach. If you’re going to use texturizing spray, hairspray and a curling iron, for example, put them all close enough to you that you can reach each one from where you’re styling your hair. That makes it easier to complete the tutorial, especially if you need to make multiple quick movements.

Go Through Each Step Carefully

Especially the first time you perform a tutorial, you need to give yourself ample time to get through it. Don’t try a brand new makeup look or hairstyle when you only have 10 minutes before you need to be at school. Try it when you don’t have anything important to look forward to and you can fix any mistakes if need be.

Remember that your first try probably won’t be as good as the picture in the tutorial. That’s totally okay. You should expect that your first try might not look as amazing as the end result from a professional. Try it over and over again and you’ll definitely achieve something you can be proud of showing the world.


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Because there are so many different makeup tutorials out there, you can definitely find something that fits your unique style and interests. Though you might not have been sure how to follow these tutorials beforehand, you can fit these tips into just about any tutorial you find on the internet. When you want to make sure you have the most up-to-date tutorials so you can look trendy and in the know, head to the Ogle School blog. You’ll get interesting fashion information, infographics, tutorials and much more.

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