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This vintage-inspired updo is perfect when you’re wondering how you can get cute hair when you’re feeling lazy. It’s so chic, and though it looks complicated it’s actually quite simple to style.


This style is called the Roll and Tuck. We like it because it’s so different from the other up-dos that we so often see. It’s not a braid, it’s not a bun, and it’s not a french twist. And believe it or not, you don’t even need bobby pins to get this look.

Keep in mind though, that you will need medium to long hair to get this style to be smooth and finished. Shorter hair, such as shoulder length, may also work, however it’s easier to get flyaways. In this case, use some styling product to keep this style looking sharp.

For casual outings, we like this roll and tuck hairstyle paired with floral prints. However, it looks just as good when paired with business clothes for a professional look.

In the step-by step tutorial below, we will explain how you can recreate this style.


Brush and Prep: Start by prepping your hair– brushing the front and sides back to get a smooth look. Depending on the texture of your hair (and how recently you’ve washed it), you may want to add some dry shampoo to the length of your hair to boost the volume.

Position Headbands: Now, you’ll need two stretchy headbands. The first holds your hair back, circling from your hairline to the nape of your neck. The second holds your hair down, circling from your forehead to the base of your skull.

In this photo, we used two different thicknesses for our headbands. Feel free to get creative here to choose fun colors, stylized bands with beadwork, or even two band of plain elastic to get a streamlined look.

Rolling and Tucking: After placing the two overlapping headbands, separate a 1-inch section of hair on the left side and roll it up and tuck it once through the top headband. Now, using the tail from the first section combines with the next 1-inch section, do another roll and tuck.

Secure All Your Hair: Continue rolling and tucking using this same pattern until all hair is smoothly tucked into your headband. Give extra attention to the the end of your hair on the right side of your head to made sure that there are no stray hairs.

Now adjust the headbands at the front of your head so that they overlap.

Finalizing: Finish with hairspray. No one will guess how easy it was to style this retro up-do.


Were you thrilled by how easy it was to get this Roll and Tuck hairstyle? If so, try our other hair hacks that are perfect for helping you look good even when you are feeling lazy.

For more hair styling tips or to learn how you can become a professional hairstylist in as little as 11 months, visit Ogle School of Cosmetology. In the meantime, let us know if you style your hair using this tutorial.

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