Should You Go With Silver or Gold?

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When choosing a metallic accent, people generally either choose from silver or gold. But the choice isn’t quite as simple as it may seem at first. There are actually a number of things you should pay attention to when you’re choosing between the two metallic accents. If you’re planning on adding a metallic accent to your outfit, regardless of what that metallic accent happens to be, these are a few things you should pay attention to.

Skin Undertone

This is an extremely important thing to pay attention to when you’re trying to discern whether you should go with silver or gold. In fact, it’s one of the ways you can tell what your skin undertone is in the first place. If you look better with silver, you probably have a cool undertone; if you look better with gold, you probably have a warm undertone.

Although it’s certainly not a hard and fast rule, you may run the risk of looking like your outfit clashes if you choose gold with a cool undertone or silver with a warm undertone. This stands out even more with rose gold, which has an even warmer undertone, or when a piece has jewels that complement the undertone.


Your existing accessories will definitely lend a hand when you’re trying to decide between silver and gold. In general, the colors will play a part in the same way your skin undertone will. If you already have a warm undertone throughout your accessories, a gold piece will play off them best, and the same goes for cool undertones and silver.

You can also look through all the accessories you have in your closet. Most of the time, you choose to buy products that look good on you. If you notice most of your metallic accents are silver, that might be your best option for any future pieces you purchase.

Hair and Eye Color

Your hair and eye color may influence many parts of your closet, makeup, and general appearance. For example, individuals with blonde hair often make better work of lighter colors, while individuals with dark brown and black hair can certainly create a very dramatic appearance with striking and bold colors. Oftentimes, people with light eyes work best with silver, while people with dark eyes work best with gold.

Of course, this isn’t a die-hard requirement. People with light eyes and hair can definitely have a warm skin undertone, which makes gold a more common choice. The opposite holds true when it comes to people with dark eyes and hair. Nevertheless, you’ll probably want to pay attention to it at least somewhat when you choose your accents.

General Design Preference

In general, your preferred designs will probably take precedence over other recommendations. After all, if you think you look good in gold, you’ll be able to rock it much better than if you choose silver, which you don’t think you look as good in.

Another thing to take into account here is the typical colors you choose. People who prefer lighter colors, including pastels, will usually get more out of silver, which tends to blend into these outfits more easily. People who really want to make a statement with striking colors will often get more out of gold, which tends to draw more attention.


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So which one should you choose? Typically, expert opinion tends to fall along the lines of silver for people with cool undertones and gold for people with warm undertones. Of course, these are just suggestions; if you want to try something that goes against that advice, you might as well go for it. Sometimes, these “clashes” can actually work well for your specific style. If you enjoy playing with different styles and trying out new combinations, you can put that skill to work with the cosmetology program from Ogle School. Become a visionary — combine the technical skills you receive from Ogle School and the design flair you have for yourself.

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