Making cosmetology school a success

Strategies to Ensure Cosmetology School Sets You Up for Success

Safeguarding your cosmetology career
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Cosmetology school is just one facet of success in the world of cosmetology. It’s true that cosmetology school is an important part of becoming a cosmetologist; after all, you likely won’t be able to practice as a cosmetologist without graduating from a cosmetology school. However, you can’t just put in the minimum effort. Here are a few ways you can ensure your success throughout cosmetology school and afterward.

1. Attend Extracurriculars Whenever Possible

It’s a good idea to attend extracurricular activities. These are the best places for you to network with salon owners, learn additional skills, and pad your resume a little bit. If there are extracurricular programs occurring while you’re going to school, consider attending at least a few of those, with more typically being better.

This also goes for anything extra your cosmetology school may be offering, like competitions and coaching sessions. Being able to say you won a competition at your school will show prospective employers you’ve always been a hard worker.

2. Network With Local Salon Owners and Operators

Most students go to cosmetology school in the general area where they hope to practice cosmetology. This has a twofold benefit. First off, it ensures you have the knowledge necessary to practice in that area; different states have different licensing requirements, which sometimes means that a cosmetology school in one state may cover topics that a cosmetology school in another state won’t.

However, the secondary benefit of going to school in the area you hope to practice cosmetology is the fact that it allows you to start networking before you graduate. Whether through extracurricular events or through simply talking to local salon owners, this is a great way to set up a job opportunity before you start looking for one.

3. Create a Social Media Portfolio

As you go through school, you may want to consider creating a portfolio on social media. A portfolio is a must-have for anyone who’s planning to work in cosmetology; with a portfolio, which is essentially a collection of pictures that showcases your work, it’s easier to show off whatever you’re best at.

Many cosmetologists have done this in a stunning manner by using social media as a portfolio, especially photo-focused social media sites like Instagram. Create a new account you’ll use exclusively for your portfolio work, then make sure you upload plenty of pictures of your best work. When you need portfolio pictures in the future, you’ll have one set up already.

4. Ask a Lot of Questions

Many students have a difficult time asking questions. It’s common for people to feel like asking questions reveals that they’re somehow less knowledgeable than the people who didn’t need to ask questions to understand a problem. However, this fear couldn’t be further from the truth, which is that asking questions is a sign of intelligence.

You’re in cosmetology school to learn. If you don’t ask questions and you just assume you know the answers or you try to connect the dots on your own, you’re much more likely to make a mistake. Instead, any time you have a question, ask your teacher to clarify.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

The last point you should really consider is that it’s extremely important to practice. When you’re in cosmetology school, you should take every moment you can to practice, whether that’s practicing on mannequins, practicing on yourself, or even practicing on your friends, family, roommates, partner or anyone else who will let you.

Practice is the best way for you to build up the skills you’re learning. After a while, much of your cosmetology practice will be muscle memory, and the quicker you can create that muscle memory, the better. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to practice, even if you don’t necessarily need that practice to pass your classes.


Making cosmetology school a success
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Cosmetology school is a great option for anyone who’s interested in becoming a cosmetologist. However, it’s important that you go to the best possible cosmetology schools, not just any cosmetology school. With the cosmetology program from Ogle School, you’ll be able to build skills and create a career. Talk to an Ogle School team member to learn more about your cosmetology options and start today.

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