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Beauty Products to Melt-Proof Your Makeup This Summer

Summer makeup is the look I dream about all year. Sun-kissed skin, a touch of pink on the cheeks and juicy lips are always a natural, beautiful look to sport during this time of year. But scorching summer temperatures in Texas can wreak havoc and cause your makeup to smudge and appear oily and sweaty.

Here are some of the products you should swear by in the summer so your makeup stays flawless and doesn’t melt off your face:


1) Primer

Primer is a wonderful product that I have been using since it appeared in the makeup world. Primer evens out your skin texture and can tone down redness and hydrate your skin, creating a beautiful canvas for foundation. Primers help your foundation, blush and bronzers “stick” to your face and make them last throughout the day, whether you’re at Sunday brunch or dancing away at a summer wedding. Remember that a pea-sized amount of primer goes a long way.

Pro tip: Apply primer after your moisturizer and wait five minutes for your skin to absorb the primer. Then, apply your foundation.

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2) Makeup Setting Spray

Makeup setting sprays are great for setting your whole makeup look for up to 16 hours! I like to keep mine in the fridge so it also gives me a cooling sensation when I spray it on my face. These light sprays help diminish the look of fine lines and any foundation cracking.

Pro tip: Look for setting sprays that have SPF to weightlessly protect your skin during your summer festivals and picnics.

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3) False/Strip Lashes

If there’s one thing I always like to highlight, it’s my eyes. Eye makeup in the summer is lighter and more natural, but wearing mascara can be tricky because it smudges, even with waterproof formulas. I religiously opt for affordable strip lashes during this time of year. I still keep the eye makeup light, but wearing natural looking strip lashes gives me the appearance of wearing mascara without having to worry about it during the day. Strip lashes really open your eyes and make you look fresh and awake.

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4) Tinted Eyebrow Creme Stains

Creme stains are a surefire way to define your eyebrows and fill out any bald spots. I have scarce brows, and these waterproof stains are pool-proof, dance-proof and overall summer-proof.

Pro tip: Opt for a slanted sturdy eyebrow brush and use small strokes to fill in any scarce spots for a natural and lasting brow look.

5) Lip Stains and Waterproof Liner

I always like to spice up my summer night makeup looks with a pop of color on the lips. To keep it on, I use a waterproof lip liner to line and fill out my lips. I use a lip stain on top of the waterproof liner, which creates the most long-lasting color. This also prevents feathering around the lips.

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6) Loose Setting Powder

Loose setting powder is one of the most underrated products out there that can be used to set concealer and foundation into place around your face. Use a big, fluffy brush and dust it lightly on your face to create a delicate veil. Apply a setting spray after applying this powder and your make-up will be bullet-proof!

Check out this handy general checklist to keep your makeup flawless during the summer heat!

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