Superstar Stylist Tabatha Coffey’s Inspiration

tabatha-postTabatha Coffey’s hit TV show Tabatha Takes Over has just entered its fifth season on Bravo. How did this celebrity stylist, industry expert, style icon and TV star reach her current level of success?

Tabatha has been passionate about the art of hair for as long as she can remember, and it all started with her stylist mother:

“I always loved hair, and I think anything you truly love and have passion for makes you good at it.

My favorite days when I was a kid were going to the salon with my mother. I was mesmerized by all the women getting their hair done and how different they looked and happy they seemed. I thought hairdressers were a cross between fairy godmothers and rock stars.

Years later, with an incredible career in the beauty industry, Tabatha is exactly that – a fairy godmother with rock star attitude who takes failing salons and other small businesses and turns them around.”

After being inspired by her stylist mom, Tabatha started working in styling in her native Australia when she was only 14! She went on to train as an apprentice for four years (required in Australia at that time), then moved to London to continue working and training.

Eventually Tabatha moved to New Jersey, where she opened her own salon, called Industrie Hair Gurus. Talking about her early days in the salon business, Tabatha says, “It takes time to build a clientele and a good career. I also think you get out of it what you put into it, so people should look at it as an investment in themselves.”

Auditioning for the reality show Shear Genius because she thought it sounded fun and interesting ended up taking Tabatha’s career to a new level. Whether people were fans of Tabatha or not, she was irresistible to watch, and Bravo offered Tabatha her own show as soon as Shear Genius finished filming. Tabatha’s Salon Takeover featured Tabatha touring around the country, working with troubled salons. The show has become so popular that it is in its fifth season, now called Tabatha Takes Over, and the concept has expanded to include other small businesses in addition to salons.

In addition to styling and hosting her own show, Tabatha writes and provides expert style advice for numerous magazines and television shows, does charity work for cancer organizations, and has written a memoir called It’s Not Really About the Hair: The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty.

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