The Best Haircare Specialist Career Options Out There

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career choices for haircare specialists

The Best Haircare Specialist Career Options Out There

different jobs for haircare specialists
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Hairstylists have a variety of careers to choose from. If you’re planning to be a hairstylist, it’s a good idea to consider what those careers might be. Aside from just the normal hairstyling career, which typically indicates working in a salon and styling people’s hair on a day-to-day basis, there are many other opportunities as a hairstylist. Here are just a few of the ways you might be able to work as a hairstylist.

On-Set Hairstyling

Set hairstyling is a great way to make a living as a hairstylist. If you’ve ever seen a TV show or movie and realized you loved one of the character’s hairstyles, you can thank the on-set hairstylists. On-set hairstylists typically have traditional hairstyling education combined with specialized education to help them understand how to make certain hairstyles pop on camera.

Personal Hairstylists

There are some people whose personal appearance is itself a brand. Think of people like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton—every time they step outside, they’re exuding a specific brand. That means they typically need someone who’s there to help them create and maintain their brand through everything, which often includes their hair and makeup every day.

Beauty Brand Fashion Consultant

When a beauty brand comes up with a new product, they need someone on the inside who can help them understand any potential problems with the product and the highlights of the product. If you’re really good at utilizing new products and explaining them, you might be able to find good work as a fashion consultant to help beauty brands maintain their high quality.

Fashion Magazine and Photoshoot Stylist

What about on the other side, when companies want to make their products look good to an audience? That’s where a photoshoot comes into play. Photoshoot stylists, like set hairstylists, need to have a very specific set of skills on top of generalized hairstyling skills. If you want to play a part in selling products, consider looking into the skills that you might need as one of these experts.

Cosmetology Educator

Do you feel like you have a good handle on teaching people things? If so, you might be great at cosmetology education. Education requires specific skills, and most cosmetology education programs require you to have held your license for a minimum number of years. However, if you’re good at cosmetology and you’re good at teaching, you might be able to combine the two.

Salon Owner or Manager

If working in a salon isn’t quite your style, what about owning or managing a salon? Owning or managing a salon can be a great way to create a regular flow of income while also making it easier for you to offer opportunities for up-and-coming hairstylists. For this, you need hairstyling knowledge and you also need to have the business sense necessary to maintain a well-run salon.


career choices for haircare specialists
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As you can see, there are many different careers that a hairstyling education can lead into. The best way to get a head start on any of these career options is to start your hairstyling education today with the cosmetology operator program from Ogle School. No matter what you’re hoping to use that education for, the cosmetology operator program will definitely set you up for success.

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