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Tips for Styling Naturally Curly Hair: Reducing Frizz for Perfect Results


When spring approaches, we typically forget about those rainy days. We think about how fabulous our curls will look bouncing around in the spring breeze, not what they will look like when it’s pouring rain outside. If you have super curly hair like me, there are still ways to combat humidity and frizz. You can reduce frizz by paying close attention while you style.

1. The reality of our hair is that when you achieve those gorgeous stretching styles (like perm rod sets, twist/braid outs, flat ironing, etc.), you have a much higher chance of seeing a little frizz happen. Some may see more of a difference than others depending on their curl type/pattern. On some days, I simply wash and go, while on others, I love to see a bit more definition, so wet twist-outs are my best friend.


Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the week and two-strand twist your hair the night before. I like to keep my sections fairly small to simply enhance and define my natural, tight coils.

2. Before you go to bed, wrap your hair with a silk scarf or satin cap. Your hair is practically thousands of fibers, so if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, you could wake up with frizz before you even step outside! If you’re a little forgetful, you can always purchase a satin pillow case.


3. In the morning, grab your favorite natural oil and lightly coat your fingertips before you begin untwisting your hair. Sweet almond oil is a great one, but make sure you’re not allergic!


4. Once you unravel each twist, try not to separate them too much. Separate each small section once (maybe twice) and fluff at the root with your fingers or a comb/pick. If you separate the sections too many times, you will experience frizz, and once you get outside — *poof*


Whether you decide to keep your twists in for the day or let the curls pop, there are ways to style your hair.

a. Sometimes, one of the first places you can begin to see humidity attacking is around the edges. Use a firm holding gel to keep your hair in place and from frizzing. Slip on a scarf to achieve the “pineapple” style to keep them covered, especially in the back. Your curls will still be exposed and overflow if you have longer locks.




b. If it’s pouring rain or you simply want to keep your twists in longer, wrap with a large, printed cotton scarf (shown: 35” x 35” in a “top knot” style). You can cover with a wig cap to reduce friction and help create a smoother foundation.




Remember: It’s not always the products you use but the techniques. Keep these tips in mind when you’re styling your or your client’s curls! To complete the look, pair that natural hair-do with the perfect red lip for deep skin!

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