Top Men’s Hair Trends of 2017

We are well into 2017 now, so it is probably time we gave some acknowledgment to the men out there. We know we have neglected you a little in our blog posts, but this one is dedicated just to you, and we promise, we will try to do better in the future. So guys, even though we are almost halfway through 2017, it isn’t too late to try out one of the men’s hairstyles that are on trend for 2017. So here is what you should be asking for next time you take a trip to the hair salon or barbers.

The Middle Parting

A staple of the boyband in the 1990s (think Nick Carter in the Backstreet Boys hey day), the middle parting is back in a big way for 2017. The middle parting has been all over the runways for the likes of Gucci, Versace and Prada, and stylish celebrities like Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, and Chris Hemsworth have been sporting variations on the red carpet. The middle parting doesn’t really suit all face shapes, working best with oval faces or a strong, angular jaw.


Keep your middle parting contemporary by keeping it a little untidy with the styling, using a small amount of wax to add texture. It is a really low maintenance style, and will still look great, left to dry naturally.

The Quiff

It has been on trend for a few years now, and the quiff will continue to be one of the most popular men’s hair trends of 2017. It is such a versatile style, coming in a number of different variations, from sleek and polished, to soft and bouncy. So, good news guys, there is a quiff that will suit all face shapes. For example, those with a strong jawline, or rounder face can go super short at the sides, and those with longer faces can keep some length in the sides to balance it out.

Men-styles-02To get your quiff standing to attention with perfection, actually doesn’t take a great deal of work. Work a pea sized amount of clay or putty into towel dried hair, combing with the fingers into the preferred shape of your quiff. To add extra volume, blow dry upward with a large, round brush.

Grey Hair

When it comes to color in 2017, the hot shades of choice for guys are greys and silvers —Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, and George Lamb representing the new generation of silver foxes. Whilst, there are many at home dyes you can use to get grey and silver locks, you may be better off talking to you hair stylist, as they will be able to tell you which shade will work best with your skin tone.

Men-styles-03Make sure you look after your newly dyed hair and use special color care shampoos and conditioners, including a product that contains a small amount of toner that will stop your greys and silvers from dulling or getting a yellow tinge.

So there you have it guys, the hair trends to try out in 2017, and not a man bun in sight —thankfully! If you want to try out a new hairstyle why not visit the Ogle School Salon! Appointments are not required, and you will get great new look, with great service and at a great price.

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