natural vitamins for skincare

Vitamins — Inside and Outside

 a rundown on vitamins
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Plenty of vitamins are on the market, and you likely know nothing about many of them. However, one thing is true: they’re important. Even vitamins that you don’t need very much of have to stay above that low threshold or you could end up with health problems.

Of course, not all vitamin applications are crucial to health. Sometimes, vitamins simply improve your natural beauty. Try these eight vitamins, some topical and some internal, to boost your skincare routine.

1. Vitamin C

If you’ve been around the beauty community for any length of time, you’ve surely heard about the benefits of Vitamin C, sometimes presented in its raw form as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C has very powerful anti-aging properties, including supporting collagen production, protecting the skin from damage, and helping with dark spots. You’ll frequently find topical applications in the form of creams that contain ascorbic acid, and while you can take Vitamin C supplements, most people get enough Vitamin C every day from their general diet.

2. Vitamin E

When you keep your Vitamin E levels high, it also has the side effect of regulating your Vitamin A levels, which means you get two benefits in one. Most importantly, Vitamin E protects against sun damage. It’s also a major player in the production of sebum, the oily substance responsible for greasy hair and oily skin, which means that by maintaining high Vitamin E levels, you can regulate those problems.

3. Vitamin D

Most people get Vitamin D through sun exposure, which may seem strange when so many beauty products tell you to avoid sun exposure at all costs. As long as you put sunscreen on, it’s actually a good idea to go outside and boost your Vitamin D levels. When you have higher Vitamin D levels, you’re more likely to have less acne, and Vitamin D may even be able to help treat psoriasis.

4. Vitamin K

Do you have dark circles that just won’t go away, no matter how much sleep you get? If so, then you may have a Vitamin K deficiency. Most frequently, Vitamin K helps with blood clotting, but the role it plays in skin appearance is also significant. Low Vitamin K levels are thought to play a role in the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and dark spots, including the circles under your eyes. Although most Americans get enough Vitamin K in their diet, topical creams may reduce swelling and dark spots.

5-7. Vitamins B3, B5, and B6

All B vitamins are important, but B3, B5, and B6 are especially helpful for the skin. Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, has incredible anti-aging properties, and creams containing this vitamin can help reduce redness and brighten the skin. Vitamin B5, which you may see in skin care items as pantothenic acid or panthenol, is one of the best skin hydrators available, and topical application prevents the loss of hydration through the skin. Lastly, Vitamin B6 helps to maintain sebum production, which means that by keeping your B6 levels high, you can reduce oiliness.

8. Folic Acid

Expectant mothers are told to keep their folic acid levels high to maintain their baby’s stable growth, but folic acid’s part in creating new cells doesn’t stop after you’re born. It’s important to keep your skin looking youthful, and that’s just what enhanced cell production does. Studies have shown that topical application of folic acid can boost the production of collagen, which leads to a more youthful, brighter look.

Using Science for Clear Skin

natural vitamins for skincare
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As important as vitamins are inside the body, they’re just as important on the outside. Science plays a huge part in skin care, whether you’re creating your own skin care routine by putting together a number of different products or you’re just interested in learning how your favorite cream works.

If you love the concept of using science to further skin care, consider signing up for the Ogle School Esthetics program. In this cosmetology program, you’ll be able to learn about the scientific principles that drive skincare products. If you love the way you’re working with chemistry now, just wait until you start using it professionally.

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