Knowledge that estheticians have

What Do Estheticians Need to Know?

What to know about estheticians
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Esthetics is an entire section of the beauty industry, but many people think it’s less overarching than other cosmetology study options. If you’re wondering whether you should go through a cosmetology course or an esthetics course, you’re not alone. Here are some of the things an esthetics course will teach you, as they’re the most important things for estheticians to know.

Applying Makeup

Makeup application is one of the things most estheticians will know to some extent. If you want to become a makeup artist in the future, you might start your process by going through an esthetics course. However, different esthetics courses will focus more or less on makeup application. Talk to the school in question to ask them how much of their time they dedicate to makeup application. Depending on your eventual career hopes, you may want more or less.

Creating and Applying Facials

In a spa setting, one of the most important options is facials. Facials can help people in a variety of ways. Not only are they relaxing, but they can also be very beneficial for some skin care problems, including adding moisture to dry skin. When you work in a spa, you need to know which facials are best for which people. That’s what this section of your esthetics education will help you understand.

Doing Skin Peels and Masks

Abrasive esthetics treatments are an option at many salons. These treatments, such as chemical face peels, remove the top layer of skin, which can make your skin much smoother and softer. However, because these treatments often use chemicals, even naturally based chemicals, they can be dangerous if someone who isn’t well trained offers them. In esthetics training, you’ll learn how to create a skin peel, apply it, and make sure you leave it on for exactly the right amount of time.

Offering Waxing Services

Waxing is a specialty that many salons offer. You may or may not learn waxing in an esthetics course; some courses go over a significant amount of waxing, while some do the basics and some don’t cover waxing at all. If you’re interested in doing waxing predominantly after you graduate from your esthetics course, you might want to talk to the school offering the course to see how much waxing information they offer.

Keeping Your Station Hygienic

It’s absolutely crucial that you know how to keep your station clean and well maintained. When you’re working in a salon or spa, you’re going to be reusing many of your tools and your clients will always sit in the same spot. That’s why it’s so important that you know how to clean your tools and your station, so you never transmit bacteria between clients. This keeps you and all your clients safe.

Managing Clients

Esthetics is more than just a typical job. It’s specifically a job that has a very people-focused element to it. When you work as an esthetician, you’re going to talk to people every day, and you want to make sure they feel comfortable coming back to you again and again. Managing clients, in this sense, is about more than just making sure you don’t accidentally double-book yourself. It’s about making sure that your clients love your performance.


Knowledge that estheticians have
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As you can see, estheticians need to know a lot to succeed in the business. This isn’t even everything that estheticians often know. Depending on the school you attend and the salon or spa you end up working at, you’ll need to know different things. Every campus is different, which means it’s always important to ask questions before you sign up for your esthetics course. Request more information from Ogle School to decide whether one of these campuses is right for your esthetics needs.

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