Why Beauty School Is Essential for Success in Cosmetology

If you’re one of those people that loves all thing hair and beauty, and seem to have the natural ability to create a crisp winged eye line, or the perfect fishtail braid, you could be suited to a career in cosmetology. The world of cosmetology is so varied and exciting, it covers much more that styling hair or applying makeup. There is skin care, manicures and pedicures, hair coloring, and so much more. The best way to learn all there is about cosmetology, is to attend beauty school, it really is the key to your future success.


You may be thinking: “Well I already can do great beauty and hair looks, why do I need Beauty School?” Whilst it is true that you don’t need a college or university degree to become a cosmetologist, you do need to earn a cosmetology certification, that shows you have had the required training. You can gain this official certification by attending beauty school, and it is so important have for a number of reasons.

Legal Requirement

If you want to be a practicing cosmetologist or beauty therapist, it is a mandatory requirement that you have an accredited cosmetology certificate. If you don’t have this certification, you cannot start your own cosmetology business or work for a salon. If a salon or business hires you without a cosmetology license, both you and the salon owner may find yourselves in trouble.

Demonstrates Your Skill and Dedication

To be classed as a qualified cosmetologist you need some serious training. You simply cannot learn the skills in a few weeks, with a dozen Youtube tutorials. Throughout Beauty School on your journey towards a cosmetology certificate, you will perfect a number of skills and techniques. The amount of training and studying it requires to gain a cosmetology license shows that you are passionate and dedicated to your craft.


Greater Career Prospects

A cosmetology certification, will open many doors for you, for a number of potential careers, from beauty therapist to hair stylist, makeup artist to salon owner. A cosmetology certificate is something that can offer you a bright future and you must attend Beauty School to achieve it.

You learn so much more than cosmetology skills in Beauty School, you also learn a great deal about working in a salon. Although you will spend some time in a classroom or lecture hall, the majority of the learning will take place in a Beauty School salon. At Beauty School you will train and work in a genuine salon environment, dealing with real clients to hone your skills. By training in this way, you will learn so much more than how to carry out beauty treatments and hair styling. Important skills you will learn, include:

  • How to meet and greet customers and to put them at ease before any treatments they may be nervous about. Forming good relationships with customers is a key factor in getting repeat business in the future.
  • How to carry out consultations with you clients, learning how to communicate which styles will work best with your client and giving them correct and honest advice. It is essential for success in the cosmetology business to know how to communicate well will clients, as it will create a real bond of trust that will keep them coming to you for future treatments.
  • The ins and outs of how a salon works. By training in a real salon environment, you will learn how a salon functions and is maintains. Furthermore, you will pick up information on how to schedule appointments, how to time your appointments so you can work with more than one client at a time, and how to ensure that each client gets continuous good service. This knowledge will be essential if you are looking to go into salon management or ownership in you career in cosmetology.
  • How to effectively work with other cosmetologists in a salon environment, which is going to be so important in the future. You could be the greatest hair stylist, makeup artist, or beauty therapist in the word, but if you cannot work well with others in a salon environment, you may struggle in your career. In a perfect salon, all of its cosmetologists will work together in perfect harmony.

So, if you want to be successful in the world of cosmetology, Beauty School offers you the best change to achieve your goal. Get in touch with Ogle School today, and find out about the cosmetology courses we have on offer, and find out which one will be best for you future career hopes. 

About the Author

Jeff Chiarelli
Jeff Chiarelli is the Head of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include leading Ogle School's marketing and branding strategy to amplify Ogle School's passion for helping create future beauty professionals in the communities Ogle School serves.