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15 Signs You May Be A Future Haircolorist

Sure, you’re interested in hairstyling as a career. But did you ever consider possibly specializing in hair color? Dedicated professional colorists are fast becoming one of the most sought-after features at high-end salons; in fact, there’s even a process by which one can become board-certified in the area of hair coloring.  If you have always been interested in various hair shades, how they affect overall beauty, and the artistry in applying color, this may be the avenue just for you.

Still need convincing? Here are 15 fun reasons why “haircolorist” may be your title in the future!

#1. As a child, you always wanted a Halloween costume that allowed you to spray in a cool haircolor, use temporary hair dye, or even just create streaks with food coloring!

have fun with hair color dyes

#2. You completely understand the subtle differences between ash, golden, butter, beige, and pale blondes. Bonus: You know how to work these in highlight form, too!

shades of blondes hair colors

#3. You also understand that chestnut, maple, chocolate, and cinnamon are not just yummy-sounding flavors — they’re viable names for different shades of brown hair.

shades colors of brown brunette hair

#4. You also completely understand the aesthetic problems of having a hair color that’s just a shade too “cool” or too “warm”.

#5.Brassy” is a word that strikes fear in your heart.

brassy blonde hair color

#6. Orange is your least favorite color.

#7.Balayage” is an actual word in your vocabulary.

#8. You are actually at least 50% gray, but nobody knows, thanks to your clever covering techniques!

#9. You were the first to try the ombre trend. In fact, you’ve tried several versions of the ombre trend!

ombre hair color trend

#10. You have undertaken at least one extreme change to your own hair—or a friend’s: Be it dark brunette to light blonde, red to platinum, or any other technique that requires a complete strip of your natural color.

extreme hair colorist technique

#11. You’ve also colored your hair a shade that does not exist in nature. Probably at least a few times by now!

#12. You’ve experimented with so many colors on your head that you’ve been forced to cut your hair super-short at least once in your life, due to the resultant damage.

short hair cut style

#13. The first thing you consider when recommending a hair product is how it will affect hair color, or the condition of colored hair.

#14. You believe that one’s skin or eye color can appear completely different due to a change in hair color.

color match skin hair and eyes

#15. Some girls buy new shoes to feel better…you simply pick up a new shade of haircolor!

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