Scholarship Resources

Need money for school? Scholarships are provided by some companies, professional associations, and religious groups to individuals or their family members seeking an education. Searching the internet is a great way to see what might be available to you.

Before starting your search, take a personal inventory and make a list of your personal attributes, academic record, talents, work experience and affiliations. Do the same for your parents – this will help you in your search.

Checking your high school guidance off and/or their website may be a good place to start.  Your place of employment or religious organization may also have scholarships available.  In addition, you may be eligible for scholarships through your parents prior military service, employer, union, trade association, etc.  There are several great websites specifically designed to assist you in finding scholarships like, and among others.

Ogle School’s financial planning office can also provide you guidance on where to find scholarships you might be eligible for.  We also recommend you visit or for more information.

scholarship application form

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