Beautiful Stories Series

Emily Evans Decides on a Career Change

Not everyone ends up with the career they thought they were interested in. Learn more about Emily Evans’ unexpected journey to cosmetology instead of zoology.… Read More »

Deston Holland Fulfills His Passion

Some people know that cosmetology is right for them from a young age. Find out how Deston Holland discovered a career at Ogle School North Dallas.… Read More »

Marcus Randall Discovers a Passion

Ogle School Stafford hosts all sorts of journeys from start to finish. Discover how Marcus Randall ended up falling in love with a side hustle.… Read More »

Ambrea Busby’s New Skills

Trade school can be a great choice to pursue your dreams. Learn how Ambrea Busby pursued her long-desired dreams with help from Ogle School Hurst.… Read More »

Lorna Carvajal’s New Knowledge

Sometimes, passion makes all the difference. Find out how Lorna Carvajal decided that Ogle School North Dallas was the right place for her to learn.… Read More »

Damon Butler Finds an Accidental Passion

Sometimes, it takes one comment to change the course of your life. See how Damon Butler decided to use Ogle School Forth Worth to create that change.… Read More »

Natalie Mehta Stumbles on a New Career Path

Transitioning from a traditional college to Ogle School Hurst is one way to experience cosmetology. See how Natalie Mehta’s journey brought her to Ogle School.… Read More »

Briton Malone Discovers a New Option

Discovering your passion sometimes comes with a bit of help from a friend. Learn how Briton Malone became an Ogle School Denton student because of her mom.… Read More »

Kristen Bohon Makes a New Experience

You can transition to cosmetology at any time. Find out how Kristen Bohon ended up becoming an Ogle School Fort Worth student after 15 years in food service.… Read More »