Beautiful Stories Series

Beautiful Stories: Tricia Templeton

A drive to help others can lead you to a cosmetology career. Learn more about how Tricia Templeton is using her Ogle School Hurst education to do just that.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Hannah Brown

You can find a family when you pursue your passion. Hannah Brown has been discovering that sense of family through her enrollment at Ogle School North Dallas.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Shelby Davis

Sometimes cosmetology calls to you from a young age. Find out more about Shelby Davis’s choice to attend Ogle School Hurst and pursue her passion.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Maddie Neely

A family history of cosmetology can lead you to it. Here’s how Maddie Neely’s experience with Ogle School’s salon services ended up pushing her to enroll.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Beverly Iwuala

Thinking hard about your future may lead you to your passion. Learn more about how Beverly Iwuala chose Ogle School Stafford as her support in that journey.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Javier Baez

Learning more on your own can lead you to a professional career. Find out how Javier Baez decided to use Ogle School North Dallas to pursue his dreams.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Will Mullenix

For some people, cosmetology starts with home haircuts. Learn how Will Mullenix turned his hobby of haircutting into a career at Ogle School Fort Worth.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Gregory Gonzalez

Sometimes, self-belief is the first step. Learn how Gregory Gonzalez’s ability to believe in himself was what eventually pushed him toward Ogle School Hurst.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Daniel Berry

Cosmetology offers access to a variety of careers. Find out how Daniel Berry is using Ogle School Fort Worth as a way to boost his salon management career.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: McKenzie Dears

If you love making people happy, cosmetology might be for you. Learn how McKenzie Dears uses her Ogle School Hurst education to make people happy every day.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Gemma Gullaksen

A surprising number of backgrounds work well with cosmetology. Find out how Gemma Gullaksen is using Ogle School Stafford to benefit her business background.… Read More »

Beautiful Stories: Giselle Cupit

There’s never a bad time to get into cosmetology. Learn more about why Giselle Cupit made the choice to learn cosmetology after a successful pharmacist career.… Read More »

Dana Ayres: Beautiful Stories

Your own hair might be the reason you get into cosmetology. Find out more about Dana Ayres’s journey to Ogle School San Antonio through her own hair.… Read More »

Chris Dailey: Beautiful Stories

The journey from helping friends to helping clients is shorter than you may think. Learn how Chris Dailey discovered an interest in Ogle School San Antonio.… Read More »

Randi Green: Beautiful Stories

A family inspiration can sometimes be all you need to pursue a passion. Learn how Randi Green’s journey to Ogle School Fort Worth started with her grandma.… Read More »