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interesting hair stylist jobs

The Most Unique Careers for a Hairstylist

If you’re thinking about cosmetology education, you might want to know how you can use it. What are some of the most interesting hairstylist careers to consider?

advanced hair styles to try

The Best Hairstyles to Try as an Advanced Stylist

As you become more well versed in styling hair, you’re going to start wanting to try a variety of hairstyles that beginner stylists might not be ready for. Whether you’re currently in cosmetology school or you’re still technically a hobbyist, there’s always space to stretch your skills and try something new. Here are six intriguingly …

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Knowledge that estheticians have

What Do Estheticians Need to Know?

Estheticians often have to know a lot so they can practice their craft. What specific knowledge might an esthetician gain while attending beauty school?

mimicking famous hair styles yourself

Tips and Tricks for Recreating a Famous Hairstyle

If you’re the type of person who enjoys reading about celebrities, no doubt you’ve seen a hairstyle on a celebrity before and wondered how you can recreate it. Some celebrity hairstyles are extremely complicated and very difficult to recreate, while some are much simpler and easier to recreate. Regardless of which side the hairstyle you’re …

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Option for cosmetology in Texas

What Can You Do as a Cosmetologist in Texas?

Cosmetology is an incredibly wide career choice with a range of applications. What can you do to apply your cosmetology skills after graduating in Texas?

Steps for salon specialists

How You Can Become a Salon Professional in San Antonio

Salon professionals have a variety of options in San Antonio and across the country as a whole. What do you need to do to become a salon professional in San Antonio?

Matching Makeup to Christmas Outfits

Matching makeup and outfits can be difficult at the best of times. What do you do when it’s high-stakes Christmas outfits begging for some flair?

Medical or aesthetic esthetician differences

Aesthetic and Medical Esthetician School in San Antonio

As you start researching esthetician school in San Antonio, you might see people differentiate between aesthetic and medical esthetician school. What’s the difference?

Is beauty school worth it?

Should You Really Invest in Cosmetology School?

The process of investing in cosmetology school is something that you should definitely gather more information about on your own. Investing in cosmetology school is a big move, which is why some people have concerns about doing it. If you’re thinking about investing in cosmetology school, you do need to consider what you personally think …

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why hairstyling can be hard

Is Hairstyling a Complicated Profession?

There are many possibilities available when it comes to cosmetology. If you’re thinking about becoming a cosmetologist, you might decide to go into all sorts of fields, but one potential option is hairstyling. Though it might seem like a very specific field, hairstyling is actually pretty broad, lending itself well to a variety of specialties …

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Different professional roles in esthetics

What Types of Skin Care Will You Learn About in Esthetics?

If you’re hoping to move into the realm of esthetics, you might want to first know what you’ll learn in esthetics. It’s true that esthetics is complicated and can be difficult to master, but that doesn’t mean you can’t understand esthetics before you go into an esthetics course. Estheticians learn all sorts of interesting things …

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