A Beginner’s Tutorial Guide to Face Brushing

What Is Face Brushing?

Face brushing is an intensive cleaning and massaging technique that can boost your complexion.


Benefits of Exfoliation via Face Brushing

Face brushing is an excellent way to cleanse your skin. It removes all traces of makeup, cleans your pores, removes any excess of oil, and it can even reduce your pore size. This cleansing combined with exfoliation also fights acne and can prevent future breakouts.

As a face massager, it activates blood circulation and brightens up your skin to give you a healthy glow.

It’s a gentle technique, and after using it, you’ll notice that your skin is smoother. Additionally, moisturizers will penetrate your skin much more effectively after you’ve exfoliated with the brush.

Drawbacks of Using Facebrushing to Exfoliate

While skin brushing has many benefits, keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin, it can cause irritation. And if used too often, it can even do damage to the skin.

Immediately after skin brushing, your face can appear very red so you should time your use appropriately.

And it is a battery-powered device, so depending on your usage, the brush may need frequent battery changes.


Here Are The Gadget We Used

It’s a two-piece rotary face brush with four attachments to brush, cleanse, exfoliate, and massage your skin.  It uses AA batteries, and it’s easy to operate with a simple switch.

This set comes in a pink transparent case for easy storage, keeping your face brush free of dust and bacteria.

These are the face brush attachments.


How To Use The Face Brusher

Start with a freshly washed face that has been patted dry.


Now, attach the bristle brush onto the face brusher.

By using this attachment, we will  remove any makeup left on the pores, clean any excess skin oils, and deeply exfoliate the face.

Begin by wetting the bristles with water and adding the face wash to the bristles. Use the tips of your fingers to deeply massage the product onto the brush.

After the product is evenly distributed in the bristles, turn it on and begin gently running the bristles over your face in a circular motion.

Follow the contours of your face shape with the brush as you would do when applying makeup. Create a pattern that circles up the cheekbones and down across the jaw line. Create another pattern that starts at the center of the forehead and extends out to the temples. For the chin, start at the base and circle up towards the corners of the lips. Now do horizontal stroked across the upper lip and vertical strokes on the nose.

Continue brushing until you have covered your whole face. Keep in mind that a light touch is all you need, and pressing too hard can irritate or damage your skin.


The Result

At first your skin may only have subtle changes, but after repeated use over a month, your skin will get smoother, healthier, and more vibrant.


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