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Ogle School prepares committed students for rewarding careers in the beauty industry through salon-modeled, student-centered training and development of the highest caliber

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The Ogle School Mission is our promise to students. In return for their personal sacrifices, dedication and creative energy we will help them realize their dream, a fulfilling career in the beauty industry. We train our students in the time-tested skills of cosmetology and esthetics as well as innovations in their chosen field. However, we understand that career achievement is as much about character as it is skill. Beginning day one, we challenge students to become true professionals. We model our schools after successful salons with the same policies, codes of conduct and professional expectations they will encounter in their future jobs. At the same time, we recognize they are students, and professionalism takes time, patience and our support to develop. Ogle School graduates understand that ultimately, their success will be determined by their clients. Throughout our process we endeavor to meet the highest practicable standards and our instructors, equipment and facilities reflect that commitment. Our Mission establishes our shared (with our students) accountability for completion, licensure and placement in a desirable job and we strive for superior performance in each.

Ogle School prepares committed students for rewarding careers in the beauty industry through salon-modeled, student-centered training and development of the highest caliber.


Shelton Ogle is an internationally renowned hair stylist and an icon in the beauty industry. Shelton’s deep roots in the DFW area means he has had the privilege of doing generations of hair within many families – from grandparents, to parents to children. He has done their weddings, their children’s weddings and everything in between – truly becoming a part of their lives.

Shelton was exposed to the beauty industry at a young age as the grandson of a well known Dallas barber. Initially, Shelton thought he would become an architect. However, thankfully for thousands of successful Ogle School graduates, Shelton decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and channel his passion for design and creativity into a career in the beauty industry. After graduation, Shelton started working for a local salon. Quickly he realized that salons offered a job, but provided no training or path to perfect his craft. At the age of 20, Shelton was offered the opportunity to be the lead stylist and manager of a salon located inside a high end department store. The lesson he learned from being part of this high-end retail environment became one of the foundations of his educational philosophy; always put the customer first.

At the age of 21, Shelton bought and opened his first salon. He quickly realized the key to his success was staff. It became very clear to him that there was a shortage of well-trained stylists available. Combining an emphasis on training with passion and respect with his customer-first philosophy, Shelton opened his second salon and his first school in 1973 at the age of 23, in the growing city of Arlington, TX. Over the next several years he would develop the structure, methods and techniques focused on developing stylists technical skills and personal branding; a combination that has made Ogle School one of the most successful beauty schools in Texas. Along with developing a weekly beauty industry show that aired on PBS, Shelton would open an additional 3 schools and salons in Hurst, Fort Worth and Dallas over the next 30 years.

The Ogle School footprint has now expanded to 9 schools across the Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston markets. In 2021, Ogle School was acquired by RLJ Equity Partners and continues to carry on the legacy that Shelton Ogle set as the foundation of success. In 2023, Ogle School is celebrating its 50th year as a premier beauty school in Texas.  Over those 50 years, Ogle School has graduated tens of thousands of beauty industry professionals and established itself as one of the leading providers of cosmetology and esthetics training programs in the country.


At Ogle School, we make our values a part of everything we do. To us, it’s our T.I.R.E.S. (Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Service to the Customer) and it’s our dedication to these values that’s made Ogle School a leader in cosmetology and esthetics education in Texas for over 50 years.


At Ogle school, our commitment to personal integrity compels us to do the right thing – and also drives our approach to strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices across our business

Alignment with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education

We are committed to being a leader in cosmetology and esthetics education through salon-modeled, student-centered training and development of the highest caliber.

Gender Equality

We seek to empower women with resources and support, including career counseling and employment assistance to help students achieve their goals.

Work & Economic Growth

We provide employees competitive wages, strong benefit programs and opportunities for development. We drive student completion, licensure and placement in rewarding careers within the beauty industry.

Reduce Inequalities

We provide equal opportunities and strive to create workplaces where all feel welcomed and valued. We have long supported the LGBTQ community and other minority groups. We do not include separate curriculum components based on either race or ethnic origin, requiring students to become familiar with all types of hair, skin and nails.

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