History, Mission & Values

Ogle School prepares committed students for rewarding careers in the beauty industry through salon-modeled, student-centered training and development of the highest caliber

The Ogle School Mission is our promise to students. In return for their personal sacrifices, dedication and creative energy we will help them realize their dream, a fulfilling career in the beauty industry. We train our students in the time-tested skills of cosmetology and esthetics as well as innovations in their chosen field. However, we understand that career achievement is as much about character as it is skill. Beginning day one, we challenge students to become true professionals. We model our schools after successful salons with the same policies, codes of conduct and professional expectations they will encounter in their future jobs. At the same time, we recognize they are students, and professionalism takes time, patience and our support to develop. Ogle School graduates understand that ultimately, their success will be determined by their clients.

Throughout our process we endeavor to meet the highest practicable standards and our instructors, equipment and facilities reflect that commitment.

Our Mission establishes our shared (with our students) accountability for completion, licensure and placement in a desirable job and we strive for superior performance in each.

Ogle School prepares committed students for rewarding careers in the beauty industry through salon-modeled, student-centered training and development of the highest caliber.

We are Ogle School and this is Our Mission.

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Shelton Ogle is an internationally renowned hair stylist and an icon in the Beauty industry. Shelton’s deep roots in the DFW area means he has had the privilege of doing generations of hair within many families – from grandparents, to parents to children. He has done their weddings, their children’s weddings and everything in between – truly becoming a part of their lives.

Shelton was exposed to the beauty industry at a young age as the grandson of a well known Dallas barber. Initially, Shelton thought he would become an architect. However, thankfully for thousands of successful Ogle School graduates, Shelton decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and channel his passion for design and creativity into a career in the beauty industry. After graduation, Shelton started working for a local salon. Quickly he realized that salons offered a job, but provided no training or path to perfect his craft. At the age of 20, Shelton was offered the opportunity to be the lead stylist and manager of a salon located inside a high end department store. The lesson he learned from being part of this high-end retail environment became one of the foundations of his educational philosophy; always put the customer first.

At the age of 21, Shelton bought and opened his first salon. He quickly realized the key to his success was staff. It became very clear to him that there was a shortage of well-trained stylists available. Combining an emphasis on training with passion and respect with his customer first philosophy Shelton opened his second salon and his first school in 1973 at the age of 23, in the growing city of Arlington, TX.  Over the next several years he would develop the structure, methods and techniques focused on developing stylists technical skills and personal branding; a combination that has made Ogle School one of the most successful beauty schools in Texas. Along with developing a weekly beauty industry show that aired on PBS, Shelton would open an additional 3 schools and salons in Hurst, Fort Worth and Dallas over the next 30 years.

The Ogle School footprint has now expanded to 8 schools across the Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston markets. In 2014, Ogle School was acquired by NCK Capital and continues to carry on the legacy that Shelton Ogle set as the foundation of success. In 2016, Ogle School is celebrating its 43rd year as a premier Beauty School in Texas. Over those 43 years, Ogle School has graduated tens of thousands of beauty industry professionals and established itself as one of the leading cosmetology and esthetics schools in the country.

At Ogle School, we make our values a part of everything we do.  To us, it’s our T.I.R.E.S. (Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Service to the Customer) and it’s our dedication to these values that’s made Ogle School a leader in cosmetology and esthetics education in Texas for over 40 years.


The pursuit of Our Mission is grounded in the knowledge that no one of us can achieve as much as all of us. When people with diverse responsibilities, backgrounds, and perspectives come together for our students, exciting things happen.

Our most important teams consist of members who are student-centered, not self-centered or organizationally-centered. Members play specific roles in admissions, financial planning, education or career services. Everyone works hard at communication and cooperation to ensure that our students’ progress is flawless. Team leaders are accessible, organized and focused on the goal, but open to the possibilities. Team members understand and identify with priorities. They seek to make a personal contribution and feel free to express different views with confidence that they will be heard. In the students’ eyes, we always strive to stand united as a team. This is a critical component of sustaining their confidence in Ogle School and their future.

Our commitment to teamwork mandates a participative management style that is student-centered. Training ensures that team members have the requisite skills and leaders understand and fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Our communications are thoughtful, open and designed to support understanding and feedback in advance of execution. Ogles’ information systems are designed to support student-centered teamwork. Associate compensation and incentive systems are based, in part, on team play.

Individual achievement is satisfying, but achievement of excellence through teamwork is exhilarating and, once achieved, forever pursued.



Integrity is the ability to meet life’s challenges with equal parts of courage, honesty and sound moral principle. Our commitment to personal integrity compels us to do the right thing.

Organizations with the highest integrity are the most respected and produce the best outcomes. They face their shortcomings with honesty and address their issues. Dishonesty is not tolerated, irrespective of short-term consequences. We are truthful despite the pressure of our daily work and we expect the same in return. Breaches of academic integrity are not tolerated because we know that honor is the cornerstone of learning and achievement.

Commitment to personal integrity is demonstrated by keeping promises and commitments; openly disclosing potential conflicts of interest; upholding educational and business ethics; learning and following Ogle School policies and best practices; maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary, employee, and student information; rejecting gossip; respecting company and associate property; and upholding the laws and regulations of our communities. If we learn that we may have violated the law, we will disclose that breach to the appropriate authorities.

Ogle School personnel strengthen our commitment to integrity through a policy of open communication and explicit expectations. We have in writing our values, policies, and best practices. We affirm our commitment to integrity at the time of employment. Ogle School continuously audits for regulatory compliance.


Respect expresses our long-term interest in each associate and ensures that every associate counts.

At Ogle School, respect is awarded when an associate joins our team and we welcome associates of all origins and beliefs. We have learned that only through mutual respect and trust will associates extend beyond the boundaries of self interest in the collective pursuit of Our Mission. We award that same respect to everyone that we encounter in pursuit of Our Mission including clients, vendors, students and prospective students and we expect the same in return.

Respect mandates a participative management style that values the contributions of all associates in decision making. We are a culture of good listeners. Differences of opinion are aired openly and not personalized. Information is shared responsibly, accurately and not selectively disseminated for the sake of avoiding conflict or responsibility. Respect mandates that we equip our associates with the training and tools necessary to perform their jobs including information systems and technologies.

The most important expression of respect to an associate is the opportunity to meet a challenge that requires stretching beyond previous limits. This is the dynamic of personal growth that leads to being our best. We ensure personal growth through a Performance Review and Planning process. Performance is measured against realistic, collectively established goals. Our review process is designed to challenge and support associates to achieve their personal potential. We also support respect through market based compensation, incentives, benefits and career advancement. We comply with all laws and regulations governing employment. Our goal is measurable employee satisfaction.


Excellence is striving for inspired or exceptional results. This is a common personal characteristic shared by all of our associates. Being our best is about exceeding the ever-escalating expectations of our students, clients, other customers, associates and owners in achieving The Ogle School Mission and enhancing the future of our company. Although we will never achieve perfection, there is no excuse for not doing our best.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so our business is inherently subjective. Nevertheless, we set the highest standards for instilling both skills and creative artistry in our students. Most importantly, our graduates understand that the quality of their clients’ total salon experience will ultimately define their career success.

Objectively, we accept accountability for improving measured performance in student completion and placement, customer satisfaction, administrative execution, regulatory compliance and financial performance.

Being our best shapes the way we do our work. It demands that we anticipate the future; plan effectively; communicate constantly; invest in human, technological and capital resources; and provide appropriate incentives and recognition.

We will always strive to be the best we can be.


Service to the Customer

A customer is anyone whose needs and expectations must be satisfied to achieve Our Mission. Our service goal is measurable customer satisfaction which is achieved through strong personal relationships, active listening, open and accurate communication and flawless execution.

Our Mission establishes the significance of students as customers. We are centered on their needs which are determined by the expectations of prospective clients and employers. All decisions are considered in the light of student employability. We value and believe in student’s dreams.

Beyond exemplary training and professional development, we provide students with financial planning, support services and placement assistance with the professionalism, efficiency and timeliness afforded any valued customer. As customers, our students must fulfill their obligations too, which are clearly defined in our Student Catalog and Enrollment Agreement.

Clients are essential to our students’ education. They come to Ogle School knowing they will be serviced by students in a timely, supervised and enjoyable atmosphere. The single most important factor in an Ogle School education is the practice it affords our students and is measurable by client satisfaction.

Employers are our customers; their expectations for highly qualified graduates must be met to satisfy Our Mission.

Accrediting and regulatory agencies are customers that must receive accurate and timely information.

Finally, we all serve customers within Ogle School – each other. The needs of admissions personnel must be met to build our student body. Financial planning and Student Services Coordinator personnel must be trained if students are to receive financing and maintain academic progress. Of course, Instructor needs must be supported by School Directors and Campus Support Center. We all have internal customers and we strive to help each other be successful.

Our goal is student completion, licensure and placement and the satisfaction of each and every customer encountered in that pursuit. We regularly survey all of our customers and act on those surveys to ensure that their satisfaction remains high.