Am I Ready For Beauty School?

Do you love the idea of working in the cosmetology industry? If so, here is a checklist to determine if you’re ready to turn your dream into a career!

makeup contouring

Subtle Makeup Contouring for Every Day

Makeup contouring sounds extraordinarily glamorous and like it’s better left to the professionals or only for a fancy night out on the town. But contouring can actually be a subtle, …

A History of Beauticians

Many of us take the existence of the hair salon for granted. However, this relatively recent development transformed the workplace for American women. Prior to the 20th century, beauty was …

Spring 2015 Beauty Trends

Jaclyn Lepien discusses some of the emerging Spring 2015 beauty trends that you can expect to see gracing the covers of magazines & on your favorite shows.


Insane Beauty Trends Through The Ages

The next time you’re sitting in the salon chair for an elaborate or time-consuming beauty procedure, wondering to yourself “will this ever end?” … Keep in mind that today’s beauty …

Mens Grooming: The New Frontier

While posh spas, salons, and the cosmetics aisle at the drugstore used to be the exclusive domain of women for decades, things are rapidly changing—and have been for the past …