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What Can You Do as a Makeup Artist?

Posted on - Thursday February 28, 2019

Once you’ve received your cosmetology degree, you’re probably going to be extremely excited to get into the field. How can you start using your degree?

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5 Reasons Being a Makeup Artist Is Amazing

Posted on - Wednesday February 6, 2019

Have you thought about becoming a makeup artist before? If you think this career might be for you, you should look at these 5 reasons why it’s so great.

Do You Know the Types of Skincare Experts?

Posted on - Tuesday January 22, 2019

When you think of “skincare expert,” you probably just think of one vague group of people. In fact, there are many different skincare specializations! If you’ve decided that you’re interested …

Getting Started as a Microblading Professional

Posted on - Tuesday August 28, 2018

The microblading trend is in full force, as many people are looking for ways to achieve the ultimate eyebrow. There are countless microblading before and after stories, which are prompting …


5 Things to Look for in a Cosmetology School

Posted on - Monday June 4, 2018

If you plan to attend Cosmetology School in the near future, you’ll have to pick which institution to enroll with. Here are some tips to help you choose best!


How to Decide What Cosmetology Career to Choose

Posted on - Friday May 18, 2018

Becoming a cosmetologist is the first step in your career, but what comes after you graduate? Here’s how to choose your preferred sector of the beauty industry.