What Career Options Do I Have as an Esthetician?

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career choices for estheticians

What Career Options Do I Have as an Esthetician?

career choices for estheticians
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One reason some people might not consider an esthetician program as much as a cosmetology program is because of the idea that an esthetician education is less marketable than a cosmetology education. As a matter of fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. An esthetician can have a variety of jobs in and around the world of cosmetology. Here are a few of the jobs you might be able to take as an esthetician.

1. Makeup Artist

With an esthetics education, you can transition into a makeup artist career pretty easily. When you go through an esthetics education, you’re going to learn about things like color theory and the best ways to apply makeup to the skin. Therefore, an esthetics education will lead perfectly into makeup artistry.

2. Brand Representative

What if you want to do more with brands that are selling products? Many brands need brand representatives who know how to bridge the gap between a company and a professional. As an esthetician, you will have experience with brand products and with professionals like makeup artists and salon workers.

3. Makeup Salesperson

Selling makeup directly to the end consumer is another option if you’re looking for a way to use your esthetician license. By selling makeup directly to customers, you may be able to earn money either on commission or on a salary, depending on who you’re able to get a job through.

4. Beauty Writer

For both online websites and in-print magazines, there will always be a demand for beauty writing. Beauty writing is an important element of beauty magazines. Because you have an esthetics background, you’ll be able to know more about beauty processes, and that’s why your esthetics training can be beneficial for becoming a beauty writer.

5. Beauty Educator and Brand Trainer

As an educator, you’ll be able to train other people to do the same thing you’ve done in the past as an esthetician. However, educators do go further than just education in a beauty school. You may be able to get a job as a brand trainer as well, educating people who have just signed on to be part of a beauty brand.

6. Hotel or Cruise Esthetician

Many estheticians think of hotels and cruises as the most desirable places to work. That’s because hotels and cruise ships always have a significant number of customers coming in and out of the area. Plus, customers who come in and out of hotels and cruise ships tend to be more well-off, making it more likely that you’ll get better tips and a higher paycheck.

7. Salon or Spa Manager

As an esthetician, you probably know a lot about how to do salon and spa treatments, but what about managing other people who are doing salon and spa treatments? Especially if you wanted to move into a more businesslike role, you might be able to find work as a salon or spa manager.


best jobs for estheticians
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Esthetics is in no way more of a restrictive area than cosmetology as a whole. There are many different places where you can use your esthetician training, whether you want to work at a salon or you want to take your education elsewhere. Either way, you need to go through an esthetics course before you can work as an esthetician. Get in touch with an Ogle School team member to learn more about how an esthetics program could be the right choice for you.

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