Student Consumer Information

All Ogle School locations are nationally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS)

NACCAS is recognized by the United States Department of Education as a national accrediting agency for post-secondary schools and programs of career arts and sciences.

The accreditation status of each Ogle School campus is as follows: Accredited: Arlington, Hurst, Fort Worth.  Additional Location Accreditation: Dallas, North Dallas, San Antonio, Denton, Stafford.

Below are links to our student catalog, annual security report and disclosures.  Program disclosures provide information on typical course costs, fees and equipment costs by program and by campus.



(Last Updated February 22, 2019)
Cosmetology, Esthetics and Instructor Programs

Student Right To Know
(Last Updated December 1, 2018)
Cosmetology, Esthetics and Instructor Programs

Annual Security Report
(Last Updated September 24, 2018)

Title IX Policy
(Last Updated August 31, 2018)

Code of Conduct For Student Loans
(Last Updated November 1, 2016)

Net Price Calculator
(Last Updated February 13, 2019)

(Last Updated April 6, 2018)


Arlington & Denton – Full-Time & Part-Time Cosmetology Program

Hurst – Full-Time & Part-Time Cosmetology Program

Fort Worth, Dallas & North Dallas – Full-Time & Part-Time Cosmetology Program

San Antonio – Full-Time & Part-Time Cosmetology Program

Stafford – Full-Time & Part-Time Cosmetology Program



Arlington, Denton & San Antoino – Full-Time Esthetics Program

Hurst & Stafford – Full-Time Esthetics Program

Stafford – Part-Time Esthetics Program

Fort Worth, Dallas & North Dallas – Full-Time Esthetics Program

Fort Worth, Dallas & North Dallas – Part-Time Esthetics Program