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Movie Makeup That Still Packs a Punch

Cinema impacts many things about society, not least of which is fashion. Which movie fashion moments still maintain their iconic nature today?… Read More »

A Career as a Hairdresser

A Career as a Hairdresser Day by day, beauty-related professionals are becoming more and more necessary, as people nowadays tend to take better care of their own appearance. A healthy self-image brought on by the experts in esthetics leads to a healthier mind, more work opportunities, and better social interactions. Among the peers in this …

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Beautiful World

Each year, people start to become aware of personal care and esthetic, with makeup, beauty treatments, and techniques becoming increasingly common and more socially accepted in both genders. With this new trend emerging, cosmetologists and estheticians are in high demand all around the world, making this a really lucrative, and helpful career choice, yet some …

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Texas Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Following

The Texas style is something that’s easy to love, but hard to replicate. Plenty of nuances exist in Texas fashion, and the variety of Texas beauty bloggers across the internet shows that Texas doesn’t just encompass one style; we have mommy bloggers from Dallas, makeup experts from San Antonio and day spas from Austin. If …

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Is It Time to Buy or Sell Bitcoin?

Is It Time to Buy or Sell Bitcoin? The global economy is ever-changing, with cryptocurrencies being the leading vanguard in recent years. Dogecoin, Cardano, Eteherium, and most important of all, Bitcoin, are taking a solid spot in online transactions, thanks to their versatility and security. A trend that is continually on the rise, cryptocurrencies are …

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A Career as a Barber

The barbering industry is growing with leaps and bounds. You will notice that barbershops are popping up around every corner. The more barbershops, the more the competition. Be a pro at your job and have a successful career as a barber. Steps for Opening Your Barbershop Business There are a few steps that you need …

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A Career as a Cosmetician

A Career as a Cosmetician If you are searching for beauty schools in your area, know that working in cosmotolegy can help you take your passion for beauty and turn it into a blossoming career. By attending and completing beauty school professionals will hire you to help people look their best. You can implement your …

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Top Laptops To Start a Business

Top laptops to use when you finish college and start a business.  With so many people working from home, there has been significant demand for flexible office spaces, standing desks, and of course, laptops for gaming, business and personal use. Whether you have an office space in which you work, a co-working space that you …

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6 Reasons Why Aesthetic Beauty Is Important For Girls

We live in a society where physical appearance and beauty seem to rule over many inner features and virtues like generosity, altruism, forgiveness. But no matter what you may think about this fact, things are simply this way: beauty is considered very important especially in certain environments, for example, cinema and every other field that …

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barber-01 - feature

Beauty Career Profile: Barber

A barber cuts and styles hair for primarily male clients, though some females with shorter hair will opt for these services from a barber as well. You can also visit these professionals for facial hair maintenances, custom shaves, and other men’s grooming services. It is the barber’s goal to insure the client’s happiness and comfort …

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Scary Good Hairstyles: Quiz!

Looking for a brand new style? Take our personality quiz, and let your evil match inspire your next look. Cruella, Gaston, or maybe Hades; let your personality speak for itself. *Having problems viewing the quiz?  Try going here. Still wanting more?  Check out our The Fashion of Super Villains infographic to see all the villain’s …

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