The Best Style Tips to Use for a Night Out

The Best Style Tips to Use for a Night Out

Posted on - Tuesday March 24, 2020

The best way to make a statement on a night out is to really enhance your style. What’s the best way to create your personal standout style?

Movie Makeup That Still Packs a Punch

Posted on - Tuesday February 4, 2020

Cinema impacts many things about society, not least of which is fashion. Which movie fashion moments still maintain their iconic nature today?

Texas Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Following

Posted on - Thursday May 23, 2019

The Texas style is something that’s easy to love, but hard to replicate. Plenty of nuances exist in Texas fashion, and the variety of Texas beauty bloggers across the internet …

barber-01 - feature

Beauty Career Profile: Barber

Posted on - Monday July 3, 2017

A barber cuts and styles hair for primarily male clients, though some females with shorter hair will opt for these services from a barber as well. You can also visit …

Scary Good Hairstyles: Quiz!

Posted on - Wednesday February 15, 2017

Looking for a brand new style? Take our personality quiz, and let your evil match inspire your next look. Cruella, Gaston, or maybe Hades; let your personality speak for itself. …

Ogle School offers flexible scheduling and financial options for those who qualify

Why Ogle School is Great for Parents!

Posted on - Monday November 23, 2015

You may not know this, but beauty school is actually a fantastic option for single parents looking to change or revamp their career path. Not only are there many grants …