What Should I Look For In A Beauty School?

You eat, sleep, and dream beauty, so you are dying to enroll in beauty school or cosmetology school. Whatever you do, don’t go choosing the school that is most convenient to you. It may be a great beauty school, and it may even be the one you do end up attending, but you should do some research before deciding.

Your beauty school is the place that starts you on your journey to a dream career in hair and beauty. It will open so many doors for you, so don’t you think you should take some extra care in making your choice?

So what should you be looking for in a beauty school? Hopefully, these tips will be useful in helping you to choose the right school, and start your journey into the world of beauty in the right way.

Learn Your Passion

What is it about beauty that excites you? Is it hair? Or is it makeup and nail? Maybe it is skin care, or maybe it is all of the above. Your passion in beauty is what you will want to be learning, and different beauty schools will have different curriculums and core courses. You should choose a beauty school that has a course that fits your passion and your future career hopes.


Financial Support

You should always attend a school that has the right creditations that makes the transition to the exam for your cosmetology license much simpler. So make sure your chosen schools have accreditation by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences and The Council on Occupational Education. Furthermore, these schools are far more likely to have financial aid programs, as well as be able to help with grants.Look-for-in-beauty-schools-02

Markers of a Good Beauty School

There a few things to look for in a beauty school that are definite indicators of a good institution, that will offer a well-rounded experience that will fully prepare you for the future.

Business Skills: Many of those looking to enroll at beauty school will have dreams of owning their own beauty business one day. Of course you will need business skills to do this, and a good beauty school will help you develop these skills. Either by offering courses, or by pointing you in the direction of the tuition you need.

Student Salon: The best way for a beauty school student is to learn hands on, in a real setting with real clients. To get the most out of your beauty school experience, make the school has the right facilities, including the student salon, which offers the best way to hone those learned skills.

Industry Connections: If your beauty school gives you an opportunity to make connections within the industry, it could mean greater things for your career progression, and maybe exciting opportunities. So does your school of interest attend or hold any beauty competitions or hair shows? Do they have instructors that are at the top of their field, and still active in the industry?


Take A Trip

If you have a few beauty schools that you think might be a good fit for you, help yourself decide by visiting them. Attend an open day and take a look around the campus and check out their facilities. Have a talk with some students and some instructors, it will help you to determine if you could visualize yourself studying there. So, if you think Ogle School might be a good beauty school fit for you, get in touch and organize a visit. We will be more than happy to have you.

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Jeff Chiarelli
Jeff Chiarelli is the Head of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include leading Ogle School's marketing and branding strategy to amplify Ogle School's passion for helping create future beauty professionals in the communities Ogle School serves.