10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To Beauty School

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To Beauty School

If you have a real passion for hair, makeup, nails and all other things beauty, then you are possibly considering a career in cosmetology. But, before you can call yourself a professional, you will need to attend beauty school, to learn all the skills that you can’t pick up on Instagram tutorials.

If you are thinking of going to beauty school, you are about to embark on an amazing, challenging, and rewarding journey. With these little insights into the life at beauty school, you really will be able to make the most out of your experience.

1. You Will Get Your Hands Dirty
The majority of learning in beauty school does not happen in a classroom. There is only so much you can learn by taking notes in a lecture hall. Most of your learning will be hands on; you will be cutting real hair (either on a mannequin head or on a client), or applying makeup to real people, within a salon environment. There is no better way to learn, than by doing, and that real experience, will help to determine which area of cosmetology you have a real passion for. Maybe you love it all and find that being an all round cosmetologist is the career for you. Or maybe, you feel like you really shine at nail art and want to be a manicurist.

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2. Don’t Avoid The Difficult Elements
You may find some of the techniques and theories difficult to wrap your head around, but you should never avoid them. When you can, take some extra time to really get to grips with them. Get some of your fellow cosmetology students together to help you, and return the favor — this will be a fun and enjoyable way to study. So, tackle those difficult subjects and don’t be afraid to ask your instructors if you need a little extra help.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice
To get the most out of your beauty school experience, don’t limit your learning to the ‘classroom’. Practice outside of salon hours to really hone those skills. You won’t have a shortage of volunteers, after a great new up-do, or special makeup for a night out. And if you have worn out your list of volunteers, just keep pestering them, until they give in.

4. It Takes 100% Dedication
Beauty school is intense. There is a lot to learn and not an infinite amount of time to do it in. You will need to have real dedication and commitment to make sure you stay on track and don’t find yourself getting left behind. In the times you feel yourself on the point of being overwhelmed, remember the passion that made you join beauty school in the first place. Channel that passion into your work, and you will reap the rewards of your dedication.


5. How Much You Will Learn
You will learn such a wide variety of information and skills at beauty school. For example, you won’t just learn how to cut, style and color hair, you will also learn the science behind different hair types, growth etc. You will learn the science behind nails and skin too, giving you a real understanding of the products and techniques that will work best. You will have such a wealth of information when you finish beauty school, that you won’t be able to wait to put it into practice.

6. The Expenses
Most beauty schools include the cost of your beauty kit in with the price of admission. If you are worried about the cost of a cosmetology course, get in touch with your chosen beauty school as they may have some financial aid available to you, depending on your situation.


7. Your Instructors Will Always Be There For You
Your instructors know just what it feels like to be a cosmetology student, so they understand exactly what you are going through. They want to help you succeed, both in your studies and following your graduation. Their commitment to you doesn’t end with your studies, they will be more than help you with networking and making connections in the industry.

8. You Will Discover Creativity You Didn’t Know You Had
Like many beauty school students, at some point you are going to question yourself, wondering if you really have what it takes. If you have that dedication and passion, you can be sure that you will discover a level of creativity you didn’t know you possessed. You will have so many ideas for new makeup looks, and hairstyles etc. that you will have to keep a note of them all, so you can try them when you have time. You will feel such pride, every time you create something that makes your client smile. And why shouldn’t you,it is an achievement.


9. You Will Form Bonds That Will Last A Lifetime
Going through beauty school with fellow students is a real bonding experience, and you are likely to make friends that will last a lifetime. You will help each other, be shoulders to cry on for each other when you are struggling with a technique, and share in each others triumphs when you pass an exam or get a look just right. You won’t just form bonds with your students, but you will also form pretty solid relationships with your clients. This will not only benefit you socially, but it will also give you a loyal client base once you start your career.

10. It Would Be The Best Decision I Ever Made
So few people get to express their creativity and indulge in their passion on a daily basis. Beauty School gives you the opportunity to do that. You yourself embarking on a career that is never stagnant —there are always new hair and beauty trends to learn, and new styles to try, plus each client is different. If beauty is your passion, going to beauty school will be the best thing you have ever done.

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