5 Cosmetology Careers to Consider After Beauty School

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5 Cosmetology Careers to Consider After Beauty School

You are planning on going to beauty school, with the probable intention of becoming a Cosmetologist or Beauty Therapist. These are two really great careers, that are sure to be truly fulfilling, but did you know there are many other careers that are open to you, once you have your Cosmetology license.

Some of these careers, you may not have even realised are an option to you once you have completed Beauty School. But, when you graduate and get your license, the world is at your feet and there is so much you can achieve. Here, are five cosmetology careers that you might not have considered, but you definitely should.

Beauty Editor or Writer

If you have a way with words, as well as a talent for cosmetology, then a Beauty Writer or Editor could be an attractive career opportunity for you. You will be tasked with writing about the latest beauty trends, reviewing brands, creating tutorials, and so much more. You won’t need any qualifications in journalism, as there is a lot more freedom to express your own personality and style in beauty writing and editing. Your cosmetology degree and a passion for writing is all you need.


However, there is not a high demand in this career, making it hard to break into. If you do love to write, it could be worth starting your own beauty blog in your spare time. It can become a place where you can express all parts of your creativity, as well as a place to interact with like minded people. Furthermore, you could build on your writing experience by applying for freelance beauty projects on the likes of Upwork. It is a great way to add to your beauty writing experience, and you can earn a little bit of extra money.

Fashion Show Stylist

Even though your qualification is in cosmetology, you can still be involved in the exciting world of fashion. As a fashion show stylist you will work as part of a creative team, creating hair and beauty looks for models to walk the runway, or for photo shoots. You will collaborate with fashion designers, photographers, stylists and other cosmetologists, to create just the right look for a particular job or show. No two days will be the same, making for an extremely exciting career that could see you travel all over the world.


The good news is that, Cosmetology within the fashion industry is a quickly growing area of employment, with a potential of over 80,000 new jobs by the year 2022. This makes the Fashion Show Stylist one to consider, particularly as you could fit it in around other projects, such as part-time salon work, or mobile hairdresser or makeup artist.

Wedding Cosmetologists

This niche job is probably one of the most rewarding careers you could pursue with your cosmetology degree. Can you think of anything nicer, than making a bride and her bridal party feel beautiful on the big day. You could be a Wedding Cosmetologist as part of your work with a salon or spa, or you could be a Wedding Cosmetologist full time.


Although, this career comes with quite a high degree of pressure, and it will be challenging at times, working to such strict time pressures, but it will be so much fun. You will be tasked with finding the right colors that suit your clients skin tones, as well as, choosing makeup that will show up well in photographs and will last well all day. You will have a lot to consider with each wedding you attend, but when you see the bride smile at her reflection, it will be worth it. You will have played such an important role, in the most important day in someone’s life, it will be so fulfilling. Furthermore, this is another cosmetology career that is on the increase, so don’t discount it, when thinking about your future after Beauty School.

Product Designer

Throughout your cosmetology education, you will learn so much about styling and beauty products, and makeup.  But, do you ever wonder who designs and creates all those wonderful beauty products and tools? Well following your stint at Beauty School, it could be you. Working in product design is difficult, as it requires an extensive depth of knowledge, but there are many connected careers, that still see you contributing to the creation of new beauty products.


For example, if you have an interest in marketing, you can work on branding, helping a company create the perfect image and style for their new beauty product. If you have a background in chemistry, you could work on research and development, finding the right formulations for products, being right in the thick of product development. There are a number of options in the exciting world of beauty product design.

Image Consultant

Image consultancy is a cosmetology career that is on the rise, with professionals, celebrities, and other people in the public eye, increasingly looking to tailor their look. Anyone in the public eye wants to make sure that they are sending out the right message with their image. Perhaps they want to send the message that they are unique trendsetter, which requires an edgy, and standout beauty look. Or maybe they need to send a more conservative and trustworthy image, which may call for more natural and soft makeup. Creating a good impression is big business in the cosmetology industry.

If these exciting cosmetology careers have convinced you to enrol in Beauty School, get in touch with Ogle School and find out all you need to know about course options, registration dates, and financial aid schemes. We look forward to hearing from you.

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