Student learning in cosmetology school

Finding the Perfect Cosmetology Program in San Antonio for You

Student learning in cosmetology school
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Your guide to picking the best cosmetology school near San Antonio 

Maybe being a cosmetologist has always been a dream of yours. Maybe you’ve just Googled “cosmetology school near me” for the first time. Either way, picking the right cosmetology school for your needs is the best way to jump-start your career, yet there are many factors to consider.

If you live in the San Antonio area and feel overwhelmed about choosing between cosmetology programs, have no fear. This guide can help you figure how to pick the right school for you.

Can You Get There? 

If you’re set on attending cosmetology school in the San Antonio area, congrats—you’ve already narrowed your search. But even within the San Antonio area, you’ll have options. Consider how close you live or work to each potential campus. Do you have a reliable way to get to and from class? If not, is public transportation readily available? 

Remember: The best cosmetology program is the one you can actually get to. This is equally true for our second deciding factor.

What Is Your Ideal Schedule?

If you aren’t yet in the workforce, scheduling may not be a big factor in picking your perfect cosmetology school. However, if you currently have a full-time job or have other responsibilities such as childcare, you can’t be as flexible. You may choose a cosmetology program that offers classes at night or gives students the option of attending on a part-time basis. 

Cosmetology schools post their schedules online. Checking out each potential school’s schedule will help you decide what’s possible for you.

What Do You Want to Specialize In? 

Practicality is important. But you’re going to cosmetology school because you’re passionate about hair design, nail design, or skin care—or all of the above. Think hard about your dream job within cosmetology and let that guide you. For example, if you long to become a hairstylist, there’s little point in enrolling in a cosmetology program that focuses on hair coloring. 

It’s important to choose a program that offers courses in your specific area of interest. But the quality of these courses matters too. Before selecting a cosmetology program, research the program’s reputation and its strengths. Who is teaching each course? What are their credentials and accomplishments? Do the school’s graduates in your area of focus generally go on to successful careers?  

If you’re just beginning to think about attending cosmetology school, you may not yet know what you want your area of focus to be. You might want to take a variety of classes to see what is interesting to you. Or you might want to train to become a cosmetologist who does a little bit of everything.

Either way, research your potential program’s offerings and strengths. You want to be sure you’re signing up for courses that are helpful and interesting to you.

Student learning about hair products in cosmetology school
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Is the School Good? 

We just touched on this, but it’s so important that it deserves its own category. If you’re spending time and money on cosmetology school, make sure you’re picking a program that will help launch your career.

All good cosmetology programs will be accredited. This means an outside agency has evaluated the school and determined that it meets its high standards. The main accrediting agency for cosmetology schools nationally is the National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS)

In some cases, other regional accreditations may be available, but a NACCAS accreditation will be instantly recognizable to potential employers, which can help you be more attractive as a hiring prospect after graduation. 

There are other important criteria for determining whether a cosmetology school is good as well. If a cosmetology school has a salon on campus, you will have more opportunities for hands-on training and practice than if not.

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